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Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19): what to know

Publié le 11 juin 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Crédits : @ Government Information Service

Information Coronavirus Covid-19 - call number 0 800 130 000 - Recommendations

General information, state of health emergency, curfew, reinforced measures, decommissioning, certificates, work, health, social assistance, justice, citizenship, solidarity initiatives, childcare, education, travel, leisure... This document contains the main official information and the measures taken to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Be alerted and alert others in case of exposure to Covid-19

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What are the official and regularly updated sources of information to consult? How can I find out about the measures taken in my city or department? What numbers are useful? Where to find the official FAQs? How do I contact public services? Where can I find the published texts?

Coronavirus (Covid-19): how to inform yourself?

Covid-19: how do i find out about my city or my department?

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Useful numbers

Coronavirus: FAQs

How do I contact public services?

Where can I find the epidemic indicators in my municipality or department?

Covid-19: follow the new legislation every week

curfew and deconstruction

What will be the rules from 3e phase of deconstruction june 9, 2021? What are the conditions of our trips? How to obtain travel certificates « curfew » ? What's the risk if you don't respect the curfew? Which shops and establishments are open? What are the sanitary conditions for their reopening? The health pass, why and how? Until when is the transitional health crisis exit regime established? What are the penalties if the obligation to wear the mask is not respected?

Decommissioning: this changes from 9 June

curfew: travel certificates from 9 June

curfew and containment: what are the rules?

curfew: which shops are open or closed?

What are the sanitary conditions for reopening shops?

Health pass: required since June 9 for access to gatherings of more than 1,000 people

Health crisis exit plan: until when?

Non-compliance with mask wearing requirement: what are the rules?


In quarantine, at work, sick or in front of your children, what are the arrangements put in place for my situation? Can my professional interview be postponed and until when? What are the provisions for competitions and examinations in the Public Service? Which competitions for entry to the territorial civil service have been suspended? Health and medical-social institutions need reinforcements, how to apply?

Covid-19 and work: understanding the existing provisions for each situation

Public Service: how are the competitions and exams conducted during a health crisis?

What adjustments can be made to exams and competitions to enter the public service?

Territorial civil service competitions: some tests are suspended

Professional maintenance: postponement is possible until 30 June 2021

Call for reinforcements in health and medico-social institutions and services

Occupational health

What are the latest developments in company health regulations? May I eat lunch at my desk? What are the provisions for vulnerable people and who are they? Can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

Occupational health protocol: what changes from 9 June?

Lunch at his desk: it's now legal

Vulnerable persons: the new list of criteria since 12 November

Coronavirus: question and answer for companies and employees

Right of Withdrawal: under what conditions can it be exercised?

Work stoppages, occupational disease

Contact case, symptomatic person, how to request an online work stoppage? Do the waiting times apply? What steps do you take to report your occupational disease?

Symptomatic people or case contact: an immediate and no-day-long illness

Covid-19: recognition in professional disease for severely ill patients

Youth employment

On which site can I find support to find a job, find information about learning, civic service? What measures are being taken to promote youth employment? What is the professional interview for the winners of the 2020 teacher competitions?

Youth employment: platform reinforcement 1 young, 1 solution

Young alternates: helping employers hire you

Plan 1 young, 1 solution: youth hiring assistance is being extended

Winners of a teaching competition in 2020: a professional interview is planned

Partial unemployment

How does partial unemployment work? How will the partial activity allowance evolve in the coming months? What impact do these periods have on pension entitlements? What are the modalities for the home employees of private employers?

Remuneration of an employee who is partially unemployed

Partial unemployment: what future changes?

Periods of partial activity: what consideration for pension rights?

Individual employers: a new partial activity mechanism for the month of April 2021


What is the phased schedule for returning to on-site work in the Public Service? What are the conditions for implementing telework? What is the right to disconnect? What number to call in case of psychological difficulties related to telework? How do you prevent health and safety risks when teleworking? What are the criteria for choosing a video conferencing tool?

Public Service: 3 days telework per week from June 9

Do teleworkers get restaurant tickets?

Right to disconnect: what is planned, what is not

Telework: what implementation conditions?

Covid-19 and telework: a green number to help you in case of psychological difficulty

Telework: how to guard against possible risks?

Video Conferencing: Have the right reflexes to choose and use your software


How many days of leave can be imposed by the employer? Official, how many days can I save on my TRC this year?

Paid leave, RTT, CDD: the exceptional temporary arrangements are adapted until 30 September 2021

Temporary easing of the time savings account in the State civil service

Temporary modification of the savings-time account (CET) in territorial and hospital public services

Exceptional premiums

Which medical students are covered by the exceptional allowance? What are the conditions to benefit from an increase in overtime for hospital carers and for employees in the medical-social and Ehpad sector? How much is the premium for nursing students? Which public officials are affected by the exceptional bonus?

Medical students: payment of exceptional compensation

Health and Ehpad institutions: a new increase in overtime

Nursing Students: payment of an exceptional internship allowance

Exceptional bonus for certain public officials

Health: testing

How to use a self-drive car sold in pharmacy? What are the recommendations for using school self-tests? How is salivary screening done in schools? What are the HAS recommendations regarding salivary testing? What screening and isolation measures are in place to combat the new variants? What is AllAntiCovid for? What are the new contact case detection criteria for this application? What if I have been in contact with an infected person? How long is the isolation period for positive (varying or non-varying) individuals? Patient zero or case contact, how does Health Insurance inform me? What support for people in solitary confinement? How do you ensure that you are not the victim of a fraudulent call that appears to be coming from Medicare? What protection for data in patient tracking and contact tracing systems? What are antigenic tests? Where can I find a screening centre to perform a PCR test near my home? Do I have priority to get a screening test? What support for different tests? How do I know if I have Covid-19? How do I get advice based on my symptoms? How do I remotely track patients?

Self-tests: how to use these new screening tools on sale in pharmacy?

Self-tests: children under 15 can use them

Salivary tests in schools: how's it going?

Salivary tests: their use is extended to large-scale screening

AllAntiCovid: the application that alerts the contacts of a Covid-19 patient

AllAntiCovid: Contact case detection criteria change

I was in contact with a person sick with Covid-19: what should i do?

Positive people: extension of the isolation period from 7 to 10 days

Covid-19: people in segregation are better accompanied

Tracing zero patients and their contact cases: the device evolves

Covid contact: Health Insurance alerts on fraudulent calls

Antigenic tests: a practice in pharmacies and airports

Expanded deployment of antigenic testing

PCR tests: where do you get checked out near your home?

Screening test: who are the priority people?

PCR tests: no need for a prescription to benefit from it and be reimbursed

MyCovidTips: a customised prevention and monitoring tool for all

Covidom application: teletracking of patients carrying or suspected of Covid-19

Health: vaccination

Who is eligible for vaccination and where to apply? What schedule for vaccination? Can an employee be absent to get vaccinated? What is the vaccination certificate for? How do I import it into AllAntiCovid? What are the ways in which occupational doctors vaccinate people over the age of 55? How do I make an appointment at the vaccination centre? What co-morbidities qualify for vaccination? I'm over 65 and I got a text from Medicare to help me make an appointment, right? What personal data is collected when I get vaccinated and for what use? Where can I find the key figures of the vaccination campaign? Want to help research and test one of the vaccine projects? What vaccination strategy against Covid-19 has been proposed by the High Health Authority?

Covid-19: Who can get vaccinated and where?

Covid-19 vaccine: what are the rules?

Covid-19 vaccination: what timetable?

A vaccination certificate that can be imported into TousAntiCovid Carnet

Does an employee have the right to be away to get vaccinated?

The vaccination campaign is open to all adults as of May 31

Vaccination for 65 to 74 year olds: Health insurance helps you make an appointment

The vaccination campaign is open to people aged 50 and over without conditions

People aged 18 to 49 with co-morbidities can now be vaccinated

People aged 55 and over can be vaccinated by the occupational doctors

Vaccination against Covid-19: what guarantees regarding the collection of personal data?

Where can I find the vaccination situation points?

Call for volunteers to test Covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19: the vaccination strategy proposed by the High Health Authority (HAS)

Health: protect yourself and others

What types of masks should I use? Is the price of surgical masks capped? What are the penalties for not wearing the mask? Who can get free masks? How to use your protective mask? What measure of social distance should be adopted? What plants could disturb your immune defences? What are the framed prices of hydroalcoholic gels? What precautions should be taken with food and packaging? What use should I make of aspirin and ibuprofen? What are the terms and conditions of a teleconference? Expatriate, you return to France, will your care be taken immediately?

Non-compliance with mask wearing requirement: what are the rules?

Free masks: for whom?

A 4th distribution of free masks for the precarious

How to use your protective mask?

Anti-Covid Masks: which ones to use?

Covid-19: physical distance up to 2 metres

Food supplements: attention to plants that could disturb your immune defences

Hydroalcoholic gels: prices, manufacturing by licenced pharmacists

Covid-19: What precautions should be taken with food and packaging?

Teleconsultation: a practice that is facilitated in times of health crisis

Immediate care for expatriates returning to France is extended


What measures for persons with disabilities and their caregivers? Where can I find personalised information and help for people with disabilities? How do I get a proximity solution? How can I find out about the arrangements in place? What steps can I take to help me get back to work? Can I get help with my job?

Persons with disabilities and their caregivers: measures adapted to the health context

0 800 360 360: the green number for community counselling for disabled people and caregivers

Disability: where to find information and help?

Inclusive masks funded to support employment of people with disabilities

Employment aid for disabled workers is extended

Social aid

A summary of existing aid. Aid for young job seekers. Aid for precarious workers who end up with short contracts and periods of unemployment. Exceptional assistance for RSA beneficiaries. The social benefits which are automatically extended. Unemployment benefits are extended. Action Housing provides €150 agricultural seasonal workers in difficulty to pay their rent.

Health crisis: what aid in the event of financial difficulties?

Young jobseekers: exceptional financial assistance

Precarious workers: the exceptional bonus is extended by 3 months

RSA, AAH, AEEH: automatic payment of certain social assistance

Unemployment benefits: reform and temporary adjustments

Housing: the EUR 150 aid for seasonal workers in the agricultural sector is extended


Are evictions from the premises suspended and until when? What are the arrangements for the general meetings of the joint owners? Under what conditions can a notary establish an act remotely without the presence of the parties or a principal?

The winter truce is extended until 31 May

Condominium Syndics: general meetings may be held at a distance until 30 september 2021

Notaries can establish authentic powers of attorney remotely


Promiscuity, tension, anxiety... The particular context of confinement has seen an upsurge in domestic and intra-family violence. What measures are in place to combat such violence? What number to call when a child is in danger? Due to the health crisis associated with the Covid-19 outbreak, the time limits for contesting notices of contravention and flat fines are increased. The offence of violating confinement is in accordance with the Constitution.

Memo of Life: a platform to help victims of violence

In the face of a child in danger and in doubt: contact 119 by telephone or by chat

Domestic violence: victim or witness, you have to react!

3919: telephone number for women victims of violence

FLAG!: an app to report LGBTphobia, serophobia and domestic violence

Contraventions and fines: longer time limits to challenge

The offence of violating confinement is in accordance with the Constitution


Regional and departmental elections are postponed until June 2021. If you cannot travel, how do you vote by proxy? Foreigners nationals may be granted expedited processing of their application for access to French nationality if they warrant an active professional engagement during the Covid-19 emergency period. In addition, the election of foreigner French Councillors and Consular Delegates scheduled for 16 and 17 May 2020 is postponed.

The 2021 Departmental and Regional Elections were postponed to 20 and 27 June 2021

Benefits: how to vote on june 20 and 27?

Recognition of the commitment of foreigner nationals during the state of emergency

Foreigner French: postponement of consular elections


Solidarity initiatives are emerging and taking shape: blood donation, support platform, facilitator site for people in trouble with digital technology...

Blood donation: call for mobilisation for the world day of 14 june

Solidarity with the Coronavirus: launch of the platform

Digital Solidarity: A New Site to Fight the Digital Divide

Family and education

When should a class be closed in the presence of positive cases? What are the recommendations for using school self-tests? How is salivary screening done in schools? What are the latest rules in place to enhance safety in canteens and during sports classes? What if my child has symptoms or is a contact case? The 3e is it mandatory this year? What is the current health protocol in schools, colleges and high schools? How will the bachelor's degree events take place? What arrangements are made for the philosophy test, the oral test and the French tests? When should my child in CP wear the mask? What are the latest developments in the health rules for the various ways in which young children are taken care of? Can my maternal assistant benefit from the distribution of inclusive masks? What are the arrangements to keep my child? How to benefit? What aid for students in difficulty? How's the Resto U? What will be the fees for the 2021 academic year? Student, how do I get free psychological treatment? What are the rules during a public service competition or exam? What are the rules for a wedding party or ceremony until June 30, 2021? Are exits by residents in Ehpad possible? What are the conditions for visiting a loved one in Ehpad or at home? How do I deal with a loved one's death? What are the funeral rules in force?

Schools and schools: when should a class be closed?

Self-tests: children under 15 can use them

Salivary tests in schools: how's it going?

Schools and schools: new organisation of sports activities and canteen

School, college, high school: what if your child has symptoms or is a contact case?

3rd company internship: optional for the 2020-2021 school year

A new evolution of the health protocol in schools and schools

Bachelor's degree 2021: new developments

General and Technological Bachelor: speciality tests replaced by continuous monitoring

When should a 6-year-old wear the mask?

Early childhood: transparent masks for kindergartens and kindergarten houses

The wearing of the mask is mandatory in the presence of children in nurseries

Closed schools, children case contact: what solutions for parents who have to look after their children?

Aid for students struggling with health crisis

Health Psy Student: a site for free psychological follow-up of students

Public Service: how are the competitions and exams conducted during a health crisis?

What adjustments can be made to exams and competitions to enter the public service?

Students: eat on site in restaurants U is again possible

2021 university entrance fee will remain the same

Wedding ceremonies and parties: what are the rules until June 30?

Ehpad: Family outings and outdoor activities possible again

Older persons: how to protect your loved ones at home or in Ehpad?

In the face of the epidemic, the funeral rules remain adapted

Funerals and burials: what to know

Declaration of death, funeral, succession: what steps?


What are the rules regarding travel bans in France or to enter a European or non-European country? Testing, vaccination, isolation: what are the travel arrangements as of june 11? French nationality, do I need to justify a compelling reason to return to France? What are the deadlines for receiving care for expatriates returning to France? In which countries outside the European area is it possible to travel without compelling reasons? What are the conditions for travelling to the UK? You booked a package trip and it was cancelled or you don't want to leave anymore? How to postpone your stay? Can your train tickets be easily refunded or exchanged?

Covid and travel bans: what are the rules?

Foreigner trips: what modalities since 9 june?

The French returning from the foreigner no longer need a compelling reason

Immediate care for expatriates returning to France is extended

Coronavirus: what rights if your holiday is cancelled?

SNCF: a new tariff offer from 17 June


What are the tax exemptions for telework-related professional expenses incurred in 2020? Do donations to associations always benefit from special tax reductions? How to adjust the withholding tax rate in the event of a drop in income due to the health crisis? What is the new daily ceiling for restaurant tickets and until when? What precautions should be taken against scams on websites? What if I am denied a cash payment?

Telework: tax exemptions for professional expenses incurred in 2020

Donations to associations: extension of the ceiling to € 1,000 of the tax deduction for 2021

Taxes: how to adjust its withholding tax rate?

On the terrace and soon indoors, your 2020 restaurant tickets can be used until 31 August 2021

Covid-19: beware of scams!

Shops: can you be refused a cash payment for fear of the virus?


In transport, can video protection systems be used to observe compliance with the wearing of the mask? What protective measures are in place on buses and taxis? I decided to adopt the bike: what are the purchasing aids?

In transport, smart video mask port compliance

Transport, taxis, home deliveries: what protection measures against the coronavirus?

Bike: what purchasing aid?


What sports practices have been allowed since June 9, 2021? What are the sanitary rules to follow in Euro 2021 matches in bars and fan-zones? How do I get a credit or refund for a cancelled cultural or sporting event? What public cultural offers to discover at home? The website #Culturecheznous allows you to access virtual tours of exhibitions, concerts, shows, videos, online courses, games...

What behaviour to adopt with your dog or cat? Is it safe to stroke him? Should it be washed after every walk?

Sport: this is possible from 9 June

Euro 2021: what are the rules in bars, restaurants and fan-zones?

Cultural or sports events cancelled: can we get a refund?

Culturebox: the ephemeral channel of France Télévisions that supports the culture is prolonged

With #CultureCheckUs, Culture Comes to You 

Dogs, cats, pets: what recommendations to Covid-19?


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