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Anti-Covid Masks: which ones to use?

Publié le 19 août 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Different masks

In washable fabric, disposable surgical, homemade, handmade, industrial ... What masks should you wear to protect yourself? Due to the spread of new highly contagious variants, the Minister of Health, following the advice of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP), recommends that the masks made of home-made cloth and the industrial masks of category 2 should no longer be worn because they are not sufficiently filtering. specifies the new provisions provided for in the Official Journal of 2 June 2021.


Recommended mask categories are:

  • single-use surgical masks complying with EN 14683 + AC: 2019 (with a blue face and a white face) or a foreign standard recognised as equivalent;
  • imported surgical masks made available on the national market, excluding tissue masks, for the following performances; at least one filtration 90% particles of 3 microns emitted by the wearer. They must also:
    • be breathable enough to be worn for four hours;
    • have an air permeability greater than 96 l/m2 and per second, for a depression of 100 pascal;
    • cover the nose and chin and have no sagittal seam (vertical seam in the centre);
    • when reusable, maintain performance after at least five washes.
  • FFP2 or FFP3 masks complying with EN 149 + A1: 2009 or a foreign standard recognised as equivalent for these classes, provided that they do not include an expiratory valve;
  • masks reserved for non-sanitary uses ensuring at least 90% particles of 3 microns emitted by the wearer), a breathability allowing a 4-hour period and an air permeability exceeding 96 l/m2 and per second, for a 100 pascal depression. These masks must not present a sagittal seam and allow to cover the face of the nose and chin. When reusable, performance levels should be maintained after at least 5 washes.

If the masks made of fabric or the masks of the general public of category 2 (guaranteeing filtration of 70% particles of 3 microns (emitted by the carrier) are not prohibited, they can no longer be carried company or school .

  FYI : The price of masks ended on June 2, 2021.


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