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Road safety: what tires in winter?

Publié le 23 décembre 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Snow tire

Studded tires, chains, snow tires... Find everything you need to know about tires when driving in this winter time with Road Safety.

The studded or studded tires may be used until Sunday, March 29, 2020. If atmospheric conditions so require, prefects may change this date.

The use of contact tires or snow tires, which have a structure and carved screws designed for maximum adhesion, is not regulated.

For their part, channels are permitted on snow-covered roads, regardless of the time of year. They are mandatory (at least on two-wheel drive) on sections of roads with B26 special equipment required..

Crédits : © Delegation for Road Safety

Panel B26 - snow chains

On the sections of road bounded by sign B26, the use of snow tires shall, however, remain authorized provided that the snow tires allowed is explicitly mentioned. If not specified, the driver shall use chains.

And if you are traveling in Europe, the European Consumer Center France reminds you of the rules for the use of winter tires in different europeans:

  • mandatory in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Slovenia;
  • mandatory under certain conditions in Austria, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and Germany;
  • not compulsory unless a sign is in Spain, France and Italy;
  • non-compulsory in Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

  FYI : From 1to in november 2021, you will need to equip your car with winter tires or winter chains in some mountain communities. Find here more information about this next obligation ..


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