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Covid-19: Who can get vaccinated and where?

Publié le 22 septembre 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Seniors in a vaccination centre

The vaccination campaign is intensifying and opening up to new audiences. Over 12 years old, person who has already had Covid-19, person with a high-risk pathology or with a co-morbidities... Who is concerned? General practitioners, pharmacists, nurses... new players can now vaccinate. Who should I contact to get vaccinated? How do I make an appointment at the vaccination centre? update with the Ministry of Health.

Vaccination for the general public

Seeinformation on the persons concerned on the Ministry of Health website.

  Reminder : 

  • People who have already had Covid-19 receive only one injection, on the basis of a justification (PCR test or positive serology result of more than 2 months).
  • In order to avoid a second dose of vaccine that would not be useful, before the first dose of vaccine is injected, rapid serological screening (rapid diagnostic orientation test) can be performed for those who have not been screened as positive in the year before the injection.
  • Initially recommended from 2e trimester of pregnancy, vaccination of pregnant is now possible from 1to pregnancy trimester. One urgent note from the Health Branch was broadcast to professionals on 30 July 2021.
  • For certain professions, vaccination is mandatory .

  FYI : Four vaccines are authorised in France (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen/Johnson&Johnson). Each has different properties of transport and conservation, which condition the places where they can be administered. Based on the information available on each of these vaccines, the High Health Authority It has also formulated opinions that have led to the provision of the most appropriate vaccine for each target population, particularly for their age.

Reminder Campaign

From 1to September 2021 recall campaign is set up to stimulate the immune system of the most vulnerable. The persons concerned by this recall are:

  • EHPAD and USLD residents
  • persons aged 65 and over living at home;
  • persons suffering from co-morbidity(s);
  • people with high-risk illnesses;
  • People who have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine.

The booster dose: for whom and where?

How do I make an appointment at a vaccination centre?

You can make an appointment:

On the Internet: both appointments for both injections can be taken can be made on Health in the centre of your choice. The website is directly accessible from AllAntiCovid application .

By phone by calling:

  • the green number 0800 009 110, open 7 days a week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, which will direct you directly to the telephone platforms of the chosen vaccination centre;
  • the vaccination centre near you where you will have found the telephone number on the site Health which provides a complete list of centres open in each department.

  Please note : On the day of the appointment, you have to show up with an identity document and your vital card (or a certificate of rights) in order to give your social security number. Since January 28, 2021, a foreigner or a homeless person can be vaccinated in a vaccination centre even if they do not have a vital card.

If you have a previous positive result on Covid-19, you can present it on your first appointment. After your medical interview, your vaccination can be done, two months after Covid-19 infection, in one dose of vaccine instead of two.

  FYI : To encourage the French to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the Minister of Health has relaxed the time between the two doses of vaccine.

From 15 June 2021, thee dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines can be administered between 21 and 49 days after 1mother injection (the delay between the 2 injections was until this date of 42 days).


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