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Everything about the vaccine pass

Publié le 24 janvier 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Since January 24, 2022, the vaccination pass is mandatory to access certain places that are open to the public, such as cinemas, museums, cafés and restaurants, or interregional transportation for persons 16 years and older. Replaces « sanitary » the law strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis and amending the public health code that transforms the health pass « Activities » vaccine pass was published in Official Journal of 23 January 2022. What does the vaccination pass include? Who is he speaking to? How do I get it? Where? What exceptions to the vaccination pass? Point with « ».

What is the vaccine pass?

  FYI : The health pass was introduced by the law of 31 May 2021, extended by the law of 5 August 2021 to many activities of daily life and extended if necessary until 31 July 2022 by the law of 10 November 2021. It is replaced by a vaccination pass for persons aged 16 and over by the strengthening law tools for managing the health crisis and amending the public health code published in Official Journal of 23 January 2022.

The vaccination pass consists of presenting, in numeric format (via « My Booklet » of the AllAntiCovid application ) paper, a health proof, of the following 3 (one of these 3 proof is sufficient):

  • The vaccination certificate, provided that persons have a complete vaccination plan (booster dose made within the time limit for persons aged 18 and 1 month who are eligible for it).
  • The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting to the recovery of Covid, more than 11 days and less than 6 months.
  • The certificate of contraindication to vaccination .

Except for the exception, the vaccine pass no longer incorporates as evidence the result of a negative Covid-19 test.

  FYI : As of January 15, 2022, all persons aged 18 and over must receive a booster dose no more than 7 months after their last injection or Covid infection to receive a valid vaccination pass. As of February 15, 2022, the time limits for keeping your pass will be reduced, you will have to do your booster dose 4 months, not 7 months, after your 2e dose to have a complete vaccine schedule and maintain a valid vaccine pass.

Since the booster dose is not mandatory for adolescents aged 16 and 17, they are considered fully vaccinated with two doses. The booster dose is therefore not necessary to maintain the validity of the vaccine pass for them.

You can view the articles: When do your booster dose to keep your vaccination pass valid? and Covid-19 vaccination: a new simulator to calculate the date of its booster dose .

  Please note : adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 are not subject to the vaccination pass. In places where « vaccine pass » is required, they may continue to present a negative PCR or antigenic test of less than 24 hours.

Derogation for persons not vaccinated or partially vaccinated

Those who have not yet been vaccinated will be able to use a negative test certificate of less than 24 hours as part of the vaccination pass until February 15, 2022, provided they take the first dose of vaccine before February 15, 2022 and the second dose within a maximum of one month. These individuals will be required to present the certificate of first injection of up to 28 days to the health personnel conducting the screening.

For access to interregional transport, persons without a vaccination pass may present a negative test of less than 24 hours in case of compelling family or health reasons.

How do I recover my vaccination pass?

All persons vaccinated or who have completed their booster dose can retrieve their vaccination certificate on the Health insurance portal by connecting via France Connect. In addition, any health care professional (a pharmacist who is qualified to vaccinate) can find a vaccination certificate and print it out if a person so requests. You will need to present the summary « Data transmitted to Health Insurance » with identifier « patient code ». This code will allow you to find yourself in the Vaccin Covid database.

The certificate of recovery of more than 11 days and less than 6 months (PCR or positive antigenic test) can be retrieved on the basis of data SI-DEP . It can be printed, it is also made available to the patient via an email and a SMS to go and get it back on SI-DEP. The certificate of reinstatement is now kept for 6 months on SI-DEP .

The medical certificate of contraindication to vaccination is issued by a doctor. It can be presented at places, services, establishments and events where the vaccination pass is required.

  Warning : If you are not a beneficiary of a French health insurance scheme (for example, you are European living in France), you do not have access to the Health Insurance online service .

How to import your vaccine pass into "TousAntiCovid Carnet"?

To import the vaccination certificate into the TousAntiCovid application:

  • Open the AllAntiCovid application
  • go to « My Booklet »;
  • select « Add Certificate » and scan the QR code on the right of the certificate (printed document or displayed in pdf on the screen of a tablet, computer or other smartphone).

If you imported the QR code into AllAntiCovid after the booster dose was administered, you have nothing to do. Your health pass becomes, with the same QR code, a vaccination pass.

Once the vaccination certificate is imported into « AllAntiCovid Notebook » when you display it in full screen mode, you have access to two tabs « Activity » and « Border ». You can then present the corresponding certificate in the places where it is required.

If you use a certificate of recovery of more than 11 days and less than 6 months in the vaccination pass, to import proof of « recovery » (positive test) in « AllAntiCovid Notebook », you can scan the QR code on the left of the document in paper or PDF format from SI-DEP that accompanies the test result. You can also import the test result directly into TousAntiCovid by clicking the link in the SI-DEP portal.

  Please note : Each user can integrate their scanned evidence into the « Notebook » AllAntiCovid application for easy storage and presentation of certificates during travel or events where the pass is required. It is also possible to store evidence for your children or other relatives.

If you need help importing your certificate, you can view the AllAntiCovid application's Q&A, available through « About - Contact Us ». You can also call the helpline at 0 800 08 71 48 (7/7 days from 9 am to 8 pm).

Health Insurance provides a Frequently asked questions about the vaccination certificate.

To whom does the vaccination pass apply?

The vaccination pass concerns all persons 16 years and over. It applies to the public who are welcomed to the places and events where the vaccination pass is required.

The vaccination pass also applies to expatriates from France and to foreigners tourists and students.

The professionals working in institutions receiving public are, since 24 January 2022, obliged to present a vaccination pass. The health pass has been made mandatory for those working in the places where it is required since August 30, 2021.

  Please note : Since 16 October 2021, the health and medical-social institutions and services, subject to the vaccination obligation must justify to their employer having a complete vaccination plan or not being subject to it due to medical contraindication or recovery after Covid-19 contamination.

Since September 30, 2021, teenagers aged 12 years and 2 months to 17 years must present a health pass to access the places and events where it is required.

Immunisation pass for French expats, foreigners tourists and students

Foreigner-vaccinated French people living outside the EU with vaccines recognised by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) or their equivalents can obtain a valid health pass in France and in the European area. French expats can claim reimbursement of the costs of antigenic testing or PCR performed during their stay in France. Foreigners tourists and students can obtain a QR code valid pass vaccinal on the French territory for persons with a full vaccination scheme through devices set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Where is the vaccination pass required in France?

Places of activity and leisure

  • auditoriums, conference rooms, projection rooms, meeting rooms;
  • concert and performance venues;
  • cinemas
  • museums and temporary exhibitions;
  • festivals
  • sports events (amateur outdoor sports events);
  • closed and covered sports establishments;
  • outdoor establishments;
  • conservatories, when they host spectators, and other places of artistic education except for professional practitioners and persons engaged in professional training;
  • game rooms, escape-games, casinos;
  • zoos, amusement parks and circuses;
  • capitals, tents and structures;
  • fairs and lounges;
  • professional seminars of more than 50 persons, when held at a site outside the company;
  • libraries (except those university and specialised libraries such as the Bibliothèque nationale de France);
  • cultural events organised in higher education institutions;
  • fairgrounds with more than 30 stands or attractions;
  • cruise ships with catering or accommodation;
  • religious establishments when they host cultural activities (concerts, shows);
  • any cultural, sporting, playful or festive event, organised in the public space or in a place open to the public, which may give rise to a control of the access of persons.

Friendly places

  • nightclubs, clubs and dance bars. These establishments are closed from 10 December 2021 to 15 February 2022 inclusive;
  • bars, cafés and restaurants including terraces, except canteens, company restaurants, takeaway sales of prepared meals, professional road and rail catering, room service and breakfasts in hotels and non-commercial catering such as free food.
  • wedding receptions, such as private parties, which take place in establishments receiving the public (party rooms, hotels, castles, capitals...). Responsibility for controlling the pass rests with the party organiser. The sanitary pass is not applicable to civil and religious ceremonies.

Long Distance Public Transport

Long distance journeys by interregional public transport, aircraft (domestic flights), trains (TGV, Intercity, night trains) and unconventional interregional coaches. Other modes of transport, including public transport, are excluded from the application of the vaccination pass.

Transport to Corsica or the overseas territories is not affected by the obligation to pass the vaccine. They will remain accessible with a negative screening test. Big shopping

Large shopping centres over 65,000 feet2, by decision of the prefect of the department, where their characteristics and the seriousness of the risks of contamination so warrant, under conditions guaranteeing access for persons to the essential goods and services and to the means of transport accessible within these shops and centres. The check will be done at the entrance of the shopping centre, not at each sign in the centre.

  FYI : From January 3 to February 2, 2022, the gauges are restored for major events and equipment that welcome the seated public: 2,000 people inside, 5,000 people outside. In addition, standing concerts will be banned. In cafés and bars, standing consumption is prohibited. In some places, such as cinemas, theatres, sports equipment, the sale and consumption of drinks and food are prohibited. In public transport (including long distances), the sale of drinks and food is prohibited.

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Areas where vaccination pass is not required

The vaccination pass is not required for access to:

Health Places

  • hospitals, clinics, medical and social institutions;
  • retirement homes, Ehpads, residences autonomy.

These facilities remain accessible with a negative screening test, except in the emergency rooms of hospitals and clinics, where no pass is required.

A vaccination pass is not required for political meetings.

Who can ask me for my vaccination pass and what data is available?

To manage vaccine pass verification, the proof documents (paper or digital) have a QR code that can be flashed using the application « AllAntiCovid Verif » by the operators of establishments receiving the public or the event organisers concerned by the past.

This application has the minimum reading level with just valid/invalid pass and name, first name, without disclosing any more health information.

In case of serious doubt about the authenticity of the vaccination pass, professionals responsible for checking them, such as restaurateurs and theatre operators, can ask clients for an official document with a photo (identity card, driving licence, vital card...) to verify the consistency of the identity elements between the two documents.

What penalties for vaccine pass fraud?

What are the risks of not presenting it during a check or using a false vaccination pass or a pass that is not hers? How much is the fine?

Vaccine Pass: what penalties if i do not respect his presentation or in case of fraud?


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