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Fuels: a site to compare prices in petrol stations

Publié le 08 février 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Gas oil, SP98, SP95-E10, SP95, E85 or GPLc. Fuel prices have been at record highs for several months and have risen sharply in recent weeks. To find out the prices at the pump of the petrol stations located near you, consult the website which lists the different points of sale throughout the territory to fill up the gas at the best price.

In addition to providing you with the sales prices currently applied at service stations (price per liter, in euros, including all taxes), the retail sales prices of fuels per municipality and/or per department or on a given route, the site allows you to:

  • create a personal space to more easily find your favorite stations and routes, the results can be filtered by fuel type but also by brand (major, large and medium surface, independent) or services offered by the resort (motorhome area, wifi, CB machine, electric terminals, shops, showers, baby space, catering, public toilets...);
  • access an interactive map of France to find fuel prices more easily at petrol stations in your research area;
  • consult on your smartphone fuel prices of stations closest to you through a geolocation system.

Prices for nearly 10,000 points of sale are updated regularly (the update date is displayed), you can rank them in price order to find the cheapest station near you.

  Please note : Some stations may not appear on this site. It is in fact up to the relevant point of sale to declare its station on the site as it distributes at least 500 m3 of fuel in the year. However, you can report missing point of sale online, the DGCCRF then verifies whether this retailer falls within the reporting obligations of the Ministerial Order of 12 December 2006.


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