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The end of new oil or coal-fired boilers from 1 July 2022

Publié le 12 janvier 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Ancient boiler

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the installation of heating or hot water equipment using fuel oil will be prohibited from 1to July 2022, except where other energy sources are not available. The equipment already settled may continue to be used, maintained and repaired, but up to €4 000 are designed to encourage their replacement. Decree issued by Official Journal 6 january 2022 sets out these new provisions.

From 1to July 2022, new equipment settled for heating or hot water production in new or existing residential or commercial buildings will be required to meet a greenhouse gas emission limit of 300 gCO2eq/KWh PCI.

This excludes the installation of new equipment that runs on fuel or coal, whose combustion actually exceeds this CO2 emission threshold, or of any apparatus that uses another energy source and whose performance does not comply with it.

All new equipment using heat networks, electricity, biomass, solar or geothermal energy, gas, or liquid biofuel, including biofuel, made up partly of rapeseed oil, up to 10% or 20%, F10 or F20, provided that they meet the emission limit of 300 gCO2eq/KWh PCI.

However, in order to take account of specific situations, a derogation is possible where:

  • the necessary work would be technically impossible or would violate regulatory or legislative provisions relating to land or property rights,
  • or where there is no existing heat or natural gas network and no equipment compatible with this threshold can be settled without strengthening the local electricity network.

Depending on the nature of the work, this must be justified by a feasibility study of energy supplies, or by a note made by a professional of the installation of heating devices, or a professional qualified in the performance of energy audits.

These provisions will take effect in the construction of new buildings whose building permit will be filed after the 1to July 2022, or in case of need of replacement of heating or hot water equipment in existing buildings, after 1to July 2022. Note, however, that they do not apply to equipment used in the emergency of a main installation.

To support households and companies in the service sector which are faced with this need, and more generally to encourage the replacement of such equipment, aid is provided (« Heating boost »,« Heating boost for tertiary buildings », « MaPrimeRénov »), which can reach up to €4 000 depending on the situation.

However, existing installations that exceed the 300 gCO2eq/KWh PCI threshold may continue to be used, maintained, or repaired where possible.


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