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MaPrimeRénov: what changes on 1 January 2022

Publié le 13 janvier 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Crédits : © Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition

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Funding for projects to reduce the energy consumption of housing, allocated under MaPrimeRénov', is now reserved for housing built for more than 15 years and occupied at least 8 months per year. It is still possible to apply for a premium to replace a fuel boiler in a dwelling that is more than 2 years old, but under certain conditions. explains what changes.

The conditions for the granting of financial aid for the MaPrimeRénov' scheme, which aims to reduce the energy consumption of homes, change from 1to January 2022. This financing is now reserved for housing built for more than 15 years (compared to 2 years before), and provided that it is occupied at least 8 months per year (compared to 6 months before). This amendment does not, however, apply to applications for a replacement fuel boiler premium, which remain open to homes older than 2 years only, provided that these applications are accompanied by a deposit of fuel boiler, which can also be financed.

The owner undertakes to occupy his accommodation as his principal residence within 1 year of the request for the balance of the premium.

The deadline for completion of the work is increased to 2 years. In case of advance of financing, reserved for households, this period shall be 1 year.

In addition, an order issued on 30 December 2022 revalues the packages for the installation of closed homes and inserts. It also clarifies the calculation of the partial payment of the premium for the landlord and removes the request for the K bis extract concerning the companies responsible for the work.


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