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Youth engagement contract: how to use

Publié le 15 mars 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Young apprentice in a workshop

Are you between 16 and 25? Are you out of a job, out of school, out of training, and facing difficulties in accessing sustainable employment? The new youth engagement contract is made for you. Effective from 1to March 2022, it replaces the current Youth Guarantee. The decree specifying the terms of access to the contract of youth engagement was published in the Official Journal February 19, 2022. introduces you to this new device designed to accompany young people away from work.

Introduced by the government in November 2021, the Youth Employment Contract for the most distant youth was officially launched on the 1stto March 2022. It replaces the Youth Guarantee scheme introduced in 2017. Following the plan  « 1 young, 1 solution » initiated in july 2020, this contract aims at a faster entry into the job thanks to personalised and sustained support. It will affect at least 400,000 young people in 2022. The decree governing the contract for young people has been published in the Official Journal 19 February 2022. The text specifies the arrangements for implementing the contract for young people, the nature of the commitments of each party to the contract and the conditions for awarding and paying the financial allowance that may be paid to young people for this support.

What is the young engagement contract?

The Youth Employment Contract (YES) is intended for young people aged 16 to 25 years and for young people with disabilities under 30 years of age who are unemployed, who are not in training, who do not have a higher education, who are faced with difficulties in accessing sustainable employment and who wish to take a journey towards employment.

The young beneficiary's commitments include attendance at the defined programme, active participation in all planned actions and the sincerity and accuracy of the information communicated to the reference advisor.

It is a fully personalised course that can last from 6 to 12 months depending on the profile, to help these young people define their professional project and find a job. The duration of the accompaniment can exceptionally go up to 18 months according to the needs of the young person. The need for this extension must be explained by the Member.

When the young person signs his contract, he benefits:

  • a personalised accompaniment with a dedicated counsellor who follows him throughout his journey and until he finds a lasting job;
  • an intensive programme of 15 to 20 hours per week consisting of different types of activities (qualifying or pre-qualifying training, social service mission, internship, company immersion, support for active job search phases, preparation for learning, etc.);
  • an allowance of up to €500 per month depending on age, resources, tax status (independent or linked to a low-income household) and provided that the young person fulfils his or her commitments.

The Youth Engagement Contract is implemented by local missions and by Pôle emploi.

At the end of the youth contract, when the young person enters the company, support by the reference counsellor can continue in order to secure the young person's integration into the work force.

A new contract of employment for young persons may be concluded only after 6 months after the expiry of the previous contract, except in special situations assessed by the representative of the local mission or Pôle emploi, where the young person has fulfilled his commitments during his first contract of employment or has been confronted with specific difficulties.

  FYI : In the event of repeated failure of the young person, or in the event of a false statement for the purpose of receiving the monthly allowance, the breach of the contract of appointment shall be pronounced.

  Please note : The mobile application to track the progress of its journey and to fulfil its commitments is ready for the launch of the contract of youth engagement, 1to March 2022: 200 counsellors and 500 young people were able to test it.

Monthly allowance

The amount of the monthly allowance paid to the young person on a contract of employment varies according to the age and resources of the young person. In order to benefit from this allowance, the young person must respect the commitments set out in the contract.

The monthly lump sum allowance shall be:

  • €500 where the young person is of full age, self-sufficient and tax-free, or is attached to a tax-free household;
  • €300 where the young person is of age and is or is attached to a taxable income tax household, each share of which is included in the first tranche of the income tax scale;
  • 200 € where the young person is a minor and forms or is attached to a tax-free household without income tax or where he forms or is attached to a taxable household with each share of income included in the first instalment of the scale.

The monthly allowance will be reduced or abolished when the young person has other sources of income exceeding € 300 per month: paid internship, unemployment benefit, partial unemployment benefit, daily allowances paid by the Health Insurance...

The allowance shall not be cumulated with the active solidarity income (SSA) and the activity premium, except where the right to the activity premium is opened in respect of an activity prior to the first month of the young commitment contract allowance, the premium corresponding to that period of activity shall remain cumulable with the CEJ allowance.

In addition, the payment of the allowance may be cancelled when the young person, without legitimate reason, is absent from a planned action or cannot justify the performance of actions fixed under his contract of youth engagement.

To calculate the amount of the Youth Employment Contract (YES) award and all the benefits you are entitled to depending on your situation, you can use this simulator .

  Please note : In Mayotte, the amounts are fixed at 285 €, 171 € and 114 € respectively.

Annual revaluation of the allocation

The revaluation of the allowance paid under the youth contract will apply from 1to april 2023, the decree provides for a revaluation of the allowance paid to young people under contracts of employment on 1to April of each year and according to inflation.

Enrolment in the Youth Engagement Contract

If you are already under the supervision of a local Mission or Pôle emploi, you can ask your advisor to take advantage of the youth contract.

Otherwise, you can register on the platform « 1 young, 1 solution ». To do this, you can perform an eligibility test on the site 1 young, 1 solution . If your profile matches, you can leave your contact information on the form that appears. You will be contacted later by a Pôle emploi or local Mission advisor near you and will be able to sign your youth contract from 1to March 2022.


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