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Digital Identity

A digital identity mobile app coming soon

Publié le 18 mai 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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If you have the new electronic ID card and an NFC smartphone, you will soon be able to test the application to authenticate with the online services connected to FranceConnect. A decree issued in Official Journal april 27, 2022 sets out the regulatory framework for this « Digital Identity Guarantee Service » designed to provide secure access to your Ameli account, tax file, social rights, etc.

If you have the new National Electronic Identity Card (CNI-e) and a phone with an NFC chip to read its information, you will be able to test the future application to authenticate securely with the 1,000 or so online services that use the FranceConnect authentication solution. A trial version is available for the first 1000 beta testers since May 11, 2022.

The new regulatory framework Digital Identity Guarantee Service (SGIN) is defined in a decree published in Official Journal 27 April 2022, which specifies the list of data required for authentication, the duration of their retention, and the categories of persons who will have access to them.

This decree also repeals the previous electronic identification method known as Certified Online Authentication on Mobile (Alicem), which was finally abandoned because it used facial recognition.

  FYI : Identity data is encrypted on your mobile phone and is only accessible when using the app, with your Pin code associated with your digital ID.

Digital identity authenticated from new ID

The application will upload the identification information contained in the identity card chip (name, first name(s), date and place of birth, nationality, sex, postal and email addresses, photography), except fingerprints. This information will then allow authentication and connection to the desired services, but you will decide which data you will accept to communicate via this application, after entering the PIN attached to the identity card.

The service rendered will be similar to that of FranceConnect already connected to about 1,000 sites and organisations to which this application will allow authenticated access. Later, other public or private bodies should also be linked.

Planned Features

This application has multiple features: production of proof of identity (instead of scans of identity cards), power of attorney for the withdrawal of parcels, proof of majority, request for proxy to vote, registration on the electoral lists, etc.

The new passports and residence permits with a chip will also be compatible with this application at the end of 2022.

This project has been developed since 2018 by the interministerial programme France Identité numérique, led by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Secured Securities Agency. Use of this application will be optional for access to the services concerned.


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