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War in Ukraine

Ukrainian refugees in France: where to learn about your rights?

Publié le 05 mai 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Crédits : © FADEL SENNA / AFP

Since the start of the conflict, more than 5 million Ukrainians have fled their country at war to European countries. Ukrainian refugees benefit from the exceptional temporary protection arrangement throughout the European Union authorized by the Council Decision of the European Union of 4 March 2022. lists official sources of information to support Ukrainian refugees in France.

Under the right to « temporary protection » across the European Union, people displaced from Ukraine by the conflict have a number of rights:

  • right of residence;
  • access to the labor market;
  • access to housing;
  • social assistance;
  • medical aid;
  • right to legal guardianship for unaccompanied minors and access to education.

This « temporary protection » applies for 1 year and can be extended.

Ministries provide key contact points and information to inform and answer questions from French citizens and Ukrainian nationals. gathers them on this page.

Reception and accommodation

In his file Situation in Ukraine, the Ministry of the Interior offers contact points and essential information to inform and respond to the concerns of French citizens and Ukrainian nationals (essential information on the situation in Ukraine; reception and accommodation of displaced Ukrainians; accompaniment of displaced Ukrainians; solidarity):

The Ministry of the Interior is also presenting theonline training offer to learn french and gain a better understanding of the values and functioning of the French business.

You can also consult the section dedicated to the crisis in Ukraine on the Government website.

Information on the rights and reception of displaced people is available on the official platform For Ukraine.

The Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local and Regional Authorities provides local and regional authorities and their groupings with a frequently asked questions (FAQ).

  FYI : On the basis of the results obtained from an assessment of written and oral competences in French, the person benefiting from temporary protection shall receive language training adapted to his level. These are 100- or 200-hour training courses for the acquisition of an A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, 100 hours of training for the acquisition of an A2 level and 100 hours of training for the acquisition of a B1 level. Each beneficiary of temporary protection may only complete one training course per level. This is specified in the Order of 3 May 2022 on language training for beneficiaries of temporary protection.

Work and employment

To help Ukrainians arrive in France and to help companies cope with the economic consequences, the Ministry of Labor informs about support and support measures: Conflict in Ukraine: the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration informs you.

Displaced Ukrainians, Pôle emploi welcomes you and helps you in your efforts. The temporary residence permit (APS) allows you to work without any special formalities.

Housing, family benefits and financial assistance

The Ministry of Ecological Transition proposes a FAQ on access to accommodation for people displaced from Ukraine for French people who wish to offer accommodation and local authorities.

Ukrainian refugees in France can benefit from personalized housing assistance (PLA). Ukrainian families with dependent children under the age of 20, and depending on their situation (including the number and age of children), may benefit from certain family maintenance benefits.

Discover the accompanying measures provided by the Family Allowance Funds (FAC).

The Office français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration (OFII) provides a monthly allowance card to displaced Ukrainians, as it does for asylum seekers. Visit the dedicated page Ofii territorial directorates mobilized to receive displaced Ukrainians.

Health and access to care

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health proposes in a dedicated dossier " Welcoming displaced people from Ukraine to France - Health and solidarity: information to remember a selection of key resources, in French, Ukrainian and Russian, on emergency reception, access to care and prevention, shelter, childhood and early childhood... This information is made available to Ukrainian refugees and the various actors involved alongside them: health workers, associations, communities...

The immediate right to universal health protection and complementary health care is open to displaced Ukrainians enjoying temporary protection. See the dedicated page on

Education and studies

The Ministry of National Education proposes a dossier Reception and schooling of Ukrainian children.

Teachers who welcome or will welcome children or adolescents from Ukraine can follow the training course Magisterium and can also consult a document on teacher support welcoming students arriving from Ukraine on Eduscol.

Students benefiting from temporary protection may apply for enrollment in French higher education by contacting France campus.


Information on the scheme set up by SNCF are available in Ukrainian, French and English.

The Ukrainian driving license is recognized to be valid in France if a number of conditions are met. See the backgrounder Can you drive in France with a Ukrainian driver's license?


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