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What should I do if I have difficulty paying my rent?

Verified 17 septembre 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In case of difficulties to pay your rent, you must try to find a friendly solution with your landlord. Social assistance may be granted, subject to certain conditions. In the event of major financial difficulties, the filing of a debt overhang may be possible.

You can try to find a friendly solution with your owner. For example, you can ask him to give you an extra time to pay your rent.

If you and your landlord have trouble talking to you, you can call (free of charge) a justice conciliator to help you find the best solution to your dispute.

  Warning : if your owner has initiated proceedings against you (sending a command to pay or a court summons), you have time to act..

Aid from the Caf or the MSA

You can contact the Caf or MSA ::

  FYI : in the event of unpaid rents, housing assistance can be maintained to alleviate a rent debt and thus avoid eviction.

Housing action aid

An employee, or a pre-retiree or jobseeker whose last employer was a private non-farm business with 10 or more employees, may request:

Such aid shall be granted under a social support provided by Action logement (free and confidential service).

  Please note : Accommodation Action offers new housing subsidies for employees, job seekers and seasonal agricultural workers following the health crisis (covid-19).

Other aid and social support

To find out what other benefits you may be entitled to (Solidarity Fund for Housing (SLF), ...), you can contact a social worker (social worker, counselor in social and family economy, ...).

It is possible to meet them, depending on the case:

  • at the communal social action center (or social service) of your town hall
  • in Budget tip

This social worker may also offer you a social support, that is to say, follow you to solve your difficulties.

Who shall I contact

If your difficulties in paying rent are in addition to an unpaid debt, you can deposit a debt overhang..