Conversion or promotion by alternation (Pro-A)

Verified 31 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you an employee and are you planning to change your profession or profession? Do you want to benefit from a social or professional promotion? A conversion or promotion by alternation (ex-period of professionalization), known as Pro-A, may be a solution. We present you with the information you need to know.

Conversion or promotion by alternation (ex-period of professionalization), known as Pro-A, is intended to enable the employee to change occupation or to benefit from a social or professional advancement.

This route alternate theoretical teaching and professional activity.

Pro-A is based on:

  • theoretical courses
  • and hands-on courses for the acquisition of know-how related to the qualifications sought by the company.

The training courses that can be taken as part of the Pro-A are as follows:

You can view the list of professional certifications eligible for Pro-A by branch:

Know the professional certifications eligible for Pro-A by branch

Finally, Pro-A can lead to the foundation of professional knowledge and skills (Key certificate) related to basic knowledge.

Employment contract

Pro-A is for an employee:

  • Under a permanent contract of employment (CDI),
  • Professional sportsman or trainer on a fixed-term contract (CDD),
  • In a single contract of insertion (CUI) of indefinite duration.

Please note

Pro-A also applies to employees placed in position of partial activity.


The employee shall not have attained a level of qualification equivalent to a professional certification registered in the RNCP and corresponding to the grade of the license (Bac +3).


The employer may take the initiative under the skills development plan company.


An employee who wishes to benefit from a conversion or promotion by alternation must make the request to his employer preferably by registered letter with notice of receipt.

The Pro-A is conducted according to the rules and duration applicable to the professionalisation contract.

Thus, in principle and subject to exceptions (examples: EEV and Clea), the duration of the certifying actions is between 6 and 12 months.


the total duration of training shall be at least 150 hours. This minimum shall not apply in the context of the EEV and Clea.

This training can take place during or outside working time.

If the training takes place outside working time, the employee must give his written consent.

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During working time

The training carried out gives rise to the maintenance by the employer of the employee's remuneration.

Outside working time

The training is not paid.

Accident at work The employee in training continues to receive all social security benefits (sickness insurance,

The employee in Pro-A benefits from the help of a guardian chosen by the employer from among the company's skilled employees.

The employee chosen to be a tutor must be a volunteer and must have at least 2 years' professional experience in a qualification related to the objective of professionalization.

The duties of the tutor are as follows:

  • To welcome, assist, inform and guide the employee in retraining or promotion by alternation
  • Organize the activity of the employee in the company and contribute to the acquisition of professional know-how
  • Ensuring that the employee's schedule is respected
  • Participate in the evaluation of the training follow-up

The employee's contract of employment shall be subject to agreeable signed by the employer and the employee specifying the duration and purpose of the conversion or promotion by alternation.

This amendment can take the form of cerfa n°16155:

Conversion or promotion by alternation - Pro-A (amendment to the contract)

Please note

this amendment to the employment contract cannot contain deduction-from-training clause.

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