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Rent Reference Index (IRL)

Verified 19 avril 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The Rent Reference Index (LRI) serves as the basis for revising the rents of empty or furnished units. It sets out the maximum annual rent increases that landlords can charge.

The Rent Reference Index (LRI) serves as the basis for revising the rent of a dwelling (empty or furnished). The LRI sets the maximum annual rent increases that landlords can charge.

IRL Values



Date of publication in the Official Journal

IRL Value

Annual Change

1to quarter


16 April 2022


+ 2.48%


17 April 2021


4e quarter


15 January 2022


+ 1.61%


17 January 2021


3e quarter


16 October 2021


+ 0.83%


16 October 2020


2e quarter


16 July 2021


+ 0.42%


17 July 2020


It is possible to know the previous IRL values and previous annual changes .

  Warning : the rent of a dwelling subject to the law of 48 shall be reviewed annually in accordance with specific rules not related to the LRI.

Nature of index

The LRI is based on the average over the past 12 months of the evolution of non-tobacco and non-rent consumer prices.

This index applies without the need to sign a lease amendment.

Index to be taken into account

The LRA date to be considered is the date specified in the lease (the date agreed upon between the lessor and the lessee or the annual term of the lease).

If the date is not specified in the lease, the date of the last LRI published by theInsee when signing the lease.

  FYI : the rent of a dwelling HLM is revised according to the IRL according to special conditions.


To calculate the increase in the rent, the landlord must have read the following 3 elements:

  • Amount of rent
  • New IRL of the reference quarter (planned in the lease or published by theInsee at the time of signing the lease)
  • LRI for the same quarter of the previous year.

The calculation is then performed as follows:

New rent = current rent x new IRL of the contract reference quarter / IRL of the same quarter of the previous year.

Example :

Lease signed on 1to September 2018, and fixing the monthly rent at €700, may be re-evaluated on 1to September 2019.

The last index published on the date of signature of the lease is that of 2e quarter 2018, or 127.77.

The new index published on the date of revaluation is that of 2e quarter 2019, or 129.72.

1to September 2019, date ofre the amount of rent must be calculated as follows: €700 x 129.72 / 127.77 = €710.68.

You can use the following simulator:

Calculate rent review

National Institute of Consumer Affairs (INC)

The annual rent review may be made within one year of the date of revision of the lease.

The rent review does not apply retroactively, but only from the date of application.

When the one-year period has elapsed, the unapplied revision is lost to the owner.

Example :

If the lease revision date is March 13, 2021, the owner may revise the lease until March 12, 2022.

If the lease review date is March 13, 2021, but the landlord does not request it until June 13, 2021, only rents collected from that date may be increased.