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Can a pregnant candidate enter a public service competition?

Verified 09 November 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yeah. Yeah. If you're pregnant, you can go to a public service competition. However, if you have a medical contraindication, the situation varies depending on the nature of the test: written, oral, sports, optional or mandatory.

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Compulsory written test

If you do not take a mandatory written test, you are eliminated from the competition.

All candidates must compete in the same compulsory written tests at the same time and any candidate who does not take part in one of the compulsory tests is eliminated.

Compulsory oral test

The oral tests of certain competitions are sometimes compatible with the use of the videoconference.

To be eligible, you must have a medical certificate attesting to your pregnancy.

The contest opening order sets the date by which you must apply for video conferencing.


in cases of justified urgency, the authority organizing the competition may authorize you to use videoconferencing even if you have made your request after the date fixed by the order opening the competition.

Where the oral test is not compatible with videoconferencing, you may be called on another date provided that the jury has given its prior consent.

Physical test required

The rules applicable in the event of absence from a compulsory sporting event are laid down by the decree fixing the nature of the events of the competition concerned.

If you are unable to participate in a mandatory physical test due to your pregnancy, you are usually credited with a score equal to the average score obtained by all candidates.

You must apply for a waiver from the authority that organizes the contest by providing a medical certificate justifying your condition.

Optional test

If you do not take an optional test, you will not be eliminated from the competition.