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A relative has died

Verified 17 March 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You've just lose one close. This event requires commitment certain steps such as organizing funerals and informing several organizations.

In these difficult times, we're with you to perform the whole of these steps. We'll show you who may do so and in which time limits.

We're asking you a few questions. They identify the situation your situation and that of the deceased person.

Attention: the death of a minor is not dealt with in this card.

What applies to you ?

What bond do you have with the deceased?
If you were in a relationship with the deceased, how old are you?

Depending on your age, your entitlements to benefits, benefits and pensions may vary.

In what country did the death take place?
If the death occurred in France, your relative died:
Did the deceased sign a funeral contract or agreement before his death?
What was the status of the deceased?
With respect to his principal residence, the deceased was:
Was the deceased the owner of other real estate?
Did the deceased have a motor vehicle (car, 2-wheelers)?
Was the deceased an individual employer of a homeworker?
Do you currently have a professional activity?

Your answer allows us to present your rights to leave or leave granted by your employer.

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