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How do I know the price per square metre of a house or a plot?

Verified 26 March 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You can find out the price of a house by visiting the "Applications for land values" database, the Patrim website or a notarial chamber.

The data "Applications for land values" allow to know the real estate transactions that took place in France during the last 5 years. The data are derived from notarial acts and cadastral information.

View the latest real estate transactions (demand for land values)


Information is not available for Alsace-Moselle and Mayotte.

You can also estimate the value of a property using the Patrim tool, a tax simulator.

This data is only accessible from your account at for tax purposes.

You may need the estimate to declare the estate tax (Ifi), an estate, a donation, a tax control, an expropriation or to calculate your housing subsidies.

Patrim: search for real estate transactions to help estimate the value of a real estate

Finally, you can get closer to the notaries' room.