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Is it allowed to unleash a motorcycle?

Verified 15 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Alone a professional can perform the unbridling of a motorcycle, and only in the following 2 cases :

  • The reference model also exists in full power version and the motorcycle has an ABS type braking system. The debridling consists in transforming a motorcycle of 35 kW: titleContent accessible with the A2 permit , in version "less than 70 kW: titleContent ” accessible with the A permit.
  • The manufacturer must have provided for this transformation during the European reception.

Please note

You must carte grise to have the certificate of registration amended ( in a 1-month period. Using a motorcycle that is unrestrained on the public road, and therefore does not comply with its registration certificate, is punishable by a contravention up to €1,500. The vehicle may be immobilized and impounded.

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