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How can you challenge an increased fine if you have not received the notice of contravention?

Verified 15 May 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Normal procedure

When you commit a infringement road transport operator, you receive a notice of violation to your home.

The notice of contravention shall indicate the amount of the flat-rate fine to be paid.

If you don't pay the flat-rate fine in the 45 days (60 days in case of payment by teleprocedure), you will receive a notice of increased fine.

The notice shall state the upright increased of the fine payable.

Failure to receive notice of contravention

If you have not received the notice of contravention, the main reason is that carte grise you have not had your vehicle’s address changed.

In this case, you can get a reassessment of the upright of the fine payable.


If you dispute the offense which resulted in the fine, not the amount of the fine, you can make a claim. See the Notice of Assessment of Monetary Penalty for instructions on how to proceed.

Lump sum penalty notice: online challenge

If the offense road traffic was detected by automatic radar, you received the lump sum notice of fine increased by registered letter.

In a three-month period from the date of dispatch of the notice of increased fine, you must justify that you have reported your change of address to the greycard department.

Then you have a 45-day period from the date of declaration of your change of address to pay the amount of the flat-rate fine. Payment of the flat-rate fine shall cancel the increase.

In this case, you no longer benefit from the possibility to pay the lump sum fine in the amount underrated.

The accounting officer of the public treasury research if you have a new address when the notice of increased fine sent by registered letter returns with the statement " no longer resides at the address indicated ' or ' party without address ”.

If he discover your new address in the one-year period from 1er registered mail, you receive a reminder letter.

You can then pay for the initial amount of the flat-rate fineand not the amount increased.

Here are the steps to follow :

carte grise 1. Change the address of the

You must carte grise change address on the vehicle's in a three-month period from when the reminder letter was sent.

2. Pay the initial amount of the lump sum fine

You have a deadline of 45 days to pay.

Carte grise The time period runs from the change of address declaration on your person or from the sending of the reminder letter if you made the declaration before.

Prepare the subsequent documents :

  • Form application for cancelation of the increase, completed, dated and signed.
    This form is attached to the reminder letter you received.
  • Check of the amount of the flat-rate fine made payable to the public purse
  • Pay stub located at the bottom of the reminder letter
  • Copy of the carte grise, updated with your new address

Send these documents to the address given on the application form for cancelation of the increase.

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