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How to consult the voters' lists?

Verified 03 May 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A citizen registered on the electoral lists has the right to consult these lists, under certain conditions. The conditions vary depending on whether the voter is registered on the electoral list of a municipality or on the consular electoral list. Reviewing the voters' lists allows voters to check the regularity of registration.


If you are registered to vote, you can visit:

  • Either the valid electoral list of this commune by addressing you to the city hall
  • Or the electoral list of all the municipalities of the department by addressing you to the prefecture 

The current list of electors is the list of electors drawn up for the last election (election or referendum).


the lists of electors which are no longer valid are available for consultation after 50 years, and according to a specific procedure.

To consult the current list of electors, you must provide the following 2 documents:

  • Copy of your identification to prove your registration on the electoral lists
  • Written request certifying that you undertake on honor to not for commercial use of the list of electors

You should ask the City Hall or the Prefecture for the form in which the list of electors is communicated.

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Town Hall

Who shall I contact


Who shall I contact

Depending on the case, the list of electors may be:

  • Available free of charge on site
  • Sent by mail. Depending on the medium of the original list, the list can be given on paper or on CD-ROM. The price charged to the voter depends on the medium used. It can't go beyond €0.18 per page A4 provided and €2.75 per CD-ROM provided.
  • Sent by e-mail, provided the document is available in this form. This shipment is not charged to the voter.


If you are registered on a consular list of electors, you can request to consult the current list of electors on which you are registered.

However, consultation may be refused or restricted if disclosure of information concerning the address or French nationality of the registered persons may jeopardize their security.


a political party can get the list to send messages to people who are on it. If you do not want to receive such messages, existing remedies.

You must make an appointment, preferably by mail (or by post) at the embassy or consulate, or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Embassy or Consulate

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who shall I contact

Then you'll have to surrender in person (or by designating a representative) at this appointment to file your written, dated and signed application and provide a copy of your identity document (identity card or passport).

The copy of the consular electoral list on which you are registered will be sent to you either by email (free) or on paper (paid).