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Does the employee's travel time qualify for overtime?

Verified 18 March 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Travel time between home and work is not considered as travel time actual work.

No salary compensation is imposed on the employer (except in some cases partial reimbursement of the cost of transportation to work).

The journey time between home and work cannot therefore oblige the employer to pay the employee overtime.

However, on business trips, the journey time may exceed the normal travel time between the home and the workplace.

This overrun can occur, for example, if:

  • Meeting at another company institution
  • Meeting with a customer at a different location than the usual workplace

If this is the case, consideration for the employee must be provided either in the form of rest or in financial form.

The content of this counterparty shall be determined by agreement or company agreement.

In the absence of an agreement or agreement, it shall be fixed directly by the employer (after consultation with the Social and Economic Committee or staff delegates, if they exist).