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Elderly person: financial assistance to pay for carrying meals

Verified 10 January 2023 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA)

If your health condition no longer allows you to make your meals (preparing dishes), you can benefit from financial assistance to pay for the carrying meals, that is to say, to receive hot and ready-to-eat platters at home. To obtain this financial assistance, age and resource requirements must be met.

Guests can take advantage of the in-home meal delivery service.

In this case, you choose your menus based on a proposal communicated by the service, as well as the number of meals desired.

These meals can be adapted to your needs in case of a particular diet (salt-free diet, for example).

Meals are then delivered in the form of meal trays. Most of the time, the meal tray is to be heated. Weekend meal plans are usually delivered on Fridays.

Condition for loss of battery life

This is possible if your health condition does not allow you to cook or shop.

Resource condition

This support is funded by the department, in part or in full, if your monthly resources are less than:

  • €961.08 if you live alone,
  • €1,492.08 if you live as a couple.

If your income is higher than these amounts, ask your pension fund, which can also provide you with this support.


if you meet the conditions to receive Home-based Personalised Autonomy Allowance (APA), the cost of carrying meals can be covered by the Apa. This possibility depends on the department in which you live.

Age condition

You are entitled to social assistance funded by your department:

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General case

From age 65

You are found unfit for work

From age 60

In order to benefit from the meals provided by your department, you have to request them from your town hall (CASE: titleContent).

General case
Who shall I contact

If you are not eligible for departmental assistance but are retired, you can apply to your pension fund (if it provides for meal support). For example, if you are retired from the general social security system, you can apply for household assistance by completing the request for assistance in ageing well at home.

Check with the organisation (CCAS, town hall, pension fund) for other pieces to be provided depending on your situation.

The amount of the financial assistance shall be determined by the body which funds the takeover.

Please note

a financial contribution may be requested, taking into account your resources and the price of the meal (for example, the order of €0.30 per meal).

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