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Curriculum vitae (CV) - Job Application

Verified 06 juillet 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The resume (CV) is a document that the job applicant sends to the company to present his/her career path, with a view to having his/her application selected during the hiring process. This document allows the recruiting company to assess the candidate's skills in the proposed position.

The CV is a document that specifies the career path (professional, school, higher education...) of the candidate for a job offer.

There is no legislative text specifying the conditions for writing and sending the CV.

In practice, the applicant sends the employer his application for a position in the company.

There are no mandatory legal notices to write on the CV.

However, depending on the employer's requests for information, the applicant may detail the following information:

  • Name, first name, contact details (e-mail and postal addresses, telephone number(s)...), age, nationality
  • Career path (previous experiences, or only those related to the job offer)
  • Initial training (highest degree, or one related to the job offer)

The information requested by the recruiting company must be directly related to the proposed position.

They are used to assess the candidate's ability to hold that position.

Candidates are not required to state their state of health, their pregnancy, their union, political or religious convictions...

The applicant may certify his professional experience by means of the information available to the Cnav..

By connecting to his personal space on the Pension Insurance website, he can validate the experiences he wishes to certify and share with the recruiter.

The candidate must then copy and paste on his CV the QR code and/or the url link giving the recruiter access to his career path.

The recruiter can check the accuracy of the career information on the CV.

Certify your career path

Service accessible with a personal retirement account or via France Connect

  Please note : this service is open to applicants under 45 years of age.

The employer is free to reject an application on the basis of the CV submitted, unless the rejection is motivated by discriminatory reasons..

The company is not obliged to examine the CV in anonymous form.

The enterprise may retain the CV in a database, provided that it is reported to the Cnil..

The information on the CV must be in good faith.

The presence of false information can lead to dismissal of the employee for fault (simple or serious).

The employer is entitled to verify the candidate's diplomas.

The employer can ask previous employers about the reality of the information specified by the employee.