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Purchase-Sale of a Pleasure Vessel: what formalities?

Verified 22 February 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

As a seller or buyer of a pleasure craft (boat), there are obligations to the administration.

The seller must deliver the original bill of sale to the buyer.

Model Bill of Sale of a Pleasure Ship

The seller must also declare the sale of the boat. This statement can be made directly online. This possibility only applies to sales between individuals.

Online procedures for recreational vessels (check-in, change of situation...)

This is free.


when the boat offered for sale is owned by several people, all the owners must confirm their agreement to the sale online in order to finalise the process.

This can also be done by mail, preferably by registered letter with notice of receipt, with a service that differs depending on whether the boat is in mainland France or overseas.

The seller must include a copy of the invoice or bill of sale and a national identification.

When the seller declares the sale online, it receives a code generated by the application. He must pass this code on to the buyer. Thus the portal secures the consent of both the seller and the buyer.

Once the seller has declared the sale and submitted the transaction code, the buyer must declare the purchase online.

The buyer must include the original and a copy of the invoice or bill of sale signed by all parties (including co-owners where there is one).

Model Bill of Sale of a Pleasure Ship

Please note

before any purchase, it is recommended to enquire about the mortgage status of the boat. To do this, you must contact the competent commercial court depending on the service in the departmental directions of the territories and the sea.