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Accommodation Anah: what does social rental intermediation bring?

Verified 07 March 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A landlord can take over the rental management (relationship with the tenant) or delegate it to a real estate agency. But it can also resort to social rental intermediation, i.e. to call on a social intermediary (registered association or real estate agency with social vocation).

There are 2 forms of social rental intermediation:

  • Hire/sub-lease (Solibail)
  • Social management mandate.

Rental/sub-letting (Solibail)

The owner rents the accommodation to an approved association (Emmaus, Habitat and Humanism), which subleases the dwelling to a person in precarious circumstances.

The association is a tenant. It is responsible for the payment of rents and charges, as well as the maintenance and minor repairs of the dwelling (except normal old).

The association chooses the person who will actually live in the dwelling. This person receives social support.

For the owner, the payment of the rent and the expenses is guaranteed even in the event of a vacancy (delay between the departure of the previous tenant and the entry into the premises of the new one). In addition, the housing is rehabilitated in the event of degradation caused by the person living in the housing.

Social management mandate

The owner calls on a social real estate agency (AIVS).

The agency connects the owner and the tenant. It drafts the rental contract that is signed by the owner and the tenant. It carries out the state of the places of entry and exit. It is responsible for collecting the rent and the payment of the expenses on behalf of the owner.

It can also offer a rent guarantee as well as social support for the tenant according to needs.

Until 31 December 2022, the owner can receive a bonus of €1,000, provided that:

  • to conclude with the Anah a social or very social rent agreement,
  • and use rental intermediation for a period of at least 3 years.

To get this bonus, you must contact the Anah on specific commitment form in addition to your application for agreement::

Anah: specific commitment for the rental intermediation premium

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