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Covid-19: what support rules?

Verified 07 décembre 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Several medical procedures, created during the health crisis linked to the Covid-19, continue to apply as part of the recovery from the health crisis. Major and some minors may be given a vaccine recall.

A telephone intelligence platform: 0800 130 000 (free call from a fixed station in France, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) allows you to get information about the Covid 19.

This platform does not provide medical advice. If you have early signs of respiratory infections (fever or fever, cough) stay home and call your doctor. If the signs worsen, with breathing difficulties and signs of choking, you should contact the Samu.


In case of emergency, when rapid response is required, you must call the Samu.

Who shall I contact
  • Samu - 15

    For medical emergencies



    Free call from a fixed station and a mobile phone in metropolitan France and overseas

    Works 24/7

  • European emergency number - 112


    Emergency number to be used for a call from a European country or from a mobile phone


    Free call


If you have difficulty hearing or speaking, you can also send an SMS to the 114. You will then contact your correspondent in writing.

Who shall I contact
  • Emergency number for those unable to call - 114


    By SMS

    Free 24/7

    By Emergency Application 114

    Free 24/7

    Contact possible via:

    • Visiophony
    • Chat
    • Voice / Text

    Through the Internet portal

    Free 24/7

    Contact possible via:

    • Visiophony
    • Chat
    • Voice / Text

This application allows you to immediately notify you if you have been in contact with a person who has just been tested positive in Covid-19. The AllAntiCovid application is available on:

  • Google Play Store
  • and Apple Store

  FYI : the application TousAntiCovid can integrate the sanitary pass. It includes a service called a "certificate converter" which allows its users with a national test or vaccination certificate to convert it to a format that meets certain international standards.

A person exposed to the coronavirus may use telemedicine without going through their doctor.

Teleconsultations and nursing remote follow-up procedures shall be taken care of at 100%.

The flat fee €1 and franchise are not applied.

You can declare yourself illness via the online service of Ameli or MSA if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You have symptoms of Covid-19
  • You are case contact and you are not vaccinated or your vaccination plan is incomplete
  • You are case contact and you are immunocompromised i.e. your immune system does not function well and you are therefore more vulnerable to infections.
  • You are the parent of a child under 16 years of age or a person with a disability who is subject to an isolation, eviction or home support measure

You must commit to a RT-PCR test within 2 days of your return.

There's no day of waiting.

You are on the general plan

Home Maintenance Declaration - Coronavirus (Health Insurance)

National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam)

You're on the farm

Statement of Home Maintenance - Coronavirus (MSA)

Central Fund of the Agricultural Social Mutual (MSA)

If you have to isolate yourself when you return from a foreigner trip, inform your employer as soon as possible. Your employer is responsible for applying for a work stoppage with Health Insurance if telework is not possible.

  Please note : the occupational physician may prescribe and, if necessary, renew a work stoppage in case of infection or suspicion of Covid 19 infection.

Get tested

General case

For a RT-PCR test, performed by medical biology laboratories, the reference fee is €43.89. The so-called RT-PCR test is reserved primarily for testing people with symptoms, contact cases and caregivers.

For an antigenic test, the price varies. Example: it €25.01 pharmacy on weekdays and €45.11at a doctor (including the cost of the consultation).

However, some individuals continue to benefit from free testing and screenings.

No prescription

  • Persons with a complete vaccination plan or medical contraindication to vaccination
  • Minors
  • People registered in the contact tracking system via the Health Insurance, the AllAntiCovid application, via theARS or as a secondary, preparatory or BTS pupil over 18 years of age (upon presentation of a standard letter of national education)
  • Persons involved in collective screening campaigns, organised by ARS or a prefecture or within national educational institutions
  • Individuals who have an antigenic test result or self-test performed under the supervision of a positive pharmacist of less than 48 hours to perform a RT-PCR test of confirmation or variant screening
  • Persons with a Certificate of Recovery less than 6 months
  • Persons travelling between the mainland and overseas (including New Caledonia) for tests to be performed upon arrival or at the end of a period of isolation or quarantine
  • Persons returning from a country in orange or red list and to be tested at the end of an isolation or quarantine period

On medical prescription

  • Symptomatic person (note, this prescription is only valid for 48 hours)
  • A person who must be tested within 72 hours before receiving health care in a health facility
  • Pregnant women and restricted family members

  FYI : free of charge is also available to those who present a health service summons for an examination or test. This is to be performed within 72 hours before the scheduled care date mentioned on the summons.

Special cases

  • These rules (with or without medical prescription) apply to residents in France who are not insured.
  • For non-resident, tests are free only if they have a prescription or if they are identified as contact cases.
  • The Foreigners who did not benefit from the third party paying for the performance of their test carried out during their temporary stay in France (and who therefore had to make the advance payment) may claim refund of their paid invoice.
    However, they benefit from the same conditions as those residing in France.
    In addition, for a period of 14 days following their entry into France, French foreigners who must receive an additional dose of vaccine in order for the vaccination plan to be complete are entitled to free testing and screening. A medical prescription is not requested.

In Mayotte

Tests remain free for all until further notice.

In Guadeloupe

Tests remain free for all until December 31, 2021.

French Guiana and Martinique

Tests remain free for all until December 31, 2021.

In an EU or EEA State or in Switzerland

Only medical tests (presence of symptoms), on medical prescription, are covered by the Health Insurance when a necessary test must be carried out immediately.

Your European Health Insurance Card at the time of the test.

If you do not have your MAF, the screening test will be taken care of by the health insurance fund when you return to the French territory. You must complete and send the S 3125 "foreigner Care" to your CPAM.

You can choose to pay for this in the section entitled "Care received in the EU/EEA/Switzerland" (to be completed obligatorily) either by French pricing or by the country of stay pricing.

The invoice for the test performed and the medical prescription or medical certificate must be attached to this form as supporting documents.

Care Received at the foreigner - Declaration to be completed by the insured

Cerfa n° 12267*04 - National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam)
Other number : S3125c

Who shall I contact

In case of choice for reimbursement according to French pricing, these tests are supported 100% by Health Insurance on the basis of a €35 (sampling and analysis fees).

In another country

Only medical, urgent and unannounced tests will be supported up to 27% the amount of the expenditure within the maximum limit of €35.

To receive this care, you must complete the S 3125 "foreigner Care" and send it to your CPAM. You must attach a medical prescription or medical certificate.

Care Received at the foreigner - Declaration to be completed by the insured

Cerfa n° 12267*04 - National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam)
Other number : S3125c

Who shall I contact


Self-test is a self-test, using a swab inserted into the nose. For children aged 3 to 15, there are specific recommendations.

You can get a self-test at the pharmacy.

It is free of charge for professionals working with the elderly and disabled.

The negative result of a self-test performed under the supervision of the pharmacist allows the delivery of the health pass.

  FYI : the sale of self-tests on the internet is prohibited.

You're already vaccinated

Major and some minor may receive a vaccine recall within a minimum time after your last Covid injection or infection.

For example, you can receive your vaccination reminder:

  • Five months after your last injection, or your last Covid infection
  • Within 4 weeks of your injection if you had been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine
  • As early as 3 months after your last shot of vaccine if you are severely immunocompromised (4th dose). A person is immunocompromised when his or her immune system is not functioning well and is therefore more vulnerable to infection.

To find out if you are affected by the reminder and where to do it, you can view the department page on this issue .

A simulator allows you to find a vaccination spot:

Find a Covid-19 vaccination site

Ministry of Social Affairs

You never got the vaccine

Vaccination is free.

Vaccination is open to all adults without conditions.

Minors aged 12 to 16 may be vaccinated with the written consent of a single parent. The latter fills certificate.

Parents' permission is not required for minors over 16 years of age.

Depending on your age and health, different health professionals (vaccination centre, doctor, pharmacy, medical biology laboratories...) [application/pdf - 57.6 KB] can vaccinate you.

A simulator allows you to find a vaccination spot:

Find a Covid-19 vaccination site

Ministry of Social Affairs

You need to recover certified vaccination certificate and vaccination synthesis.

The certified vaccination certificate serves as official proof of vaccination. It is now certified at European level for travel within the European Union.

The vaccination synthesis contains the batch number of the injected vaccine. It can be useful in case of an adverse event to report.

  Please note : minors, even if they have a Vitale card in their name, must present the Vitale card of one of their parents or a certificate of entitlement mentioning the social security number of one of their parents. This precaution is necessary to allow them to download their vaccination certificate on the site Parents are recommended, but not mandatory. In fact, it may be required. You should ask the vaccination centre beforehand.

The following persons can benefit from free masks:

  • Persons who are beneficiaries of the Solidarity Health Supplement (SSA), the Health Supplementary Aid (SSA) or the State Medical Aid (MEA). They receive the masks by mail. No steps are necessary.
  • Vulnerable persons who may develop a serious form of Covid-19. They can obtain masks in pharmacy on medical prescription.
  • People with Covid-19 on presentation of the health insurance email or sms or the positive result of the RT-PCR test
  • Persons identified as « contact » by Medicare in treatment « Covid Contact »

You are considered vulnerable if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Be 65 years and older
  • Have cardiovascular history (ATCD): complicated high blood pressure (with cardiac, renal and vasculocerebral complications), stroke or coronary artery disease, heart surgery, heart failure stage NYHA III or IV
  • Have unbalanced or complicated diabetes
  • Present a chronic respiratory condition that may be uncompensable during viral infection: broncho obstructive pulmonary disease, severe asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea syndrome, cystic fibrosis
  • Present chronic renal failure with dialysis
  • Being diagnosed with an evolutionary cancer under treatment (excluding hormone therapy)
  • Obesity (body mass index > 30 kgm2)
  • Have cirrhosis at stage B of Child Pugh's score at least
  • Have major sickle cell syndrome or a history of splenectomy
  • Be in 3rd trimester of pregnancy
  • Have motor neurone disease, severe myasthenia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia or hemiplegia, a primitive brain malignant tumour, progressive cerebellar disease or a rare disease
  • Have Down Syndrome 21

This is also the case if you have congenital or acquired immunosuppression:

  • Drug (anti-cancer chemotherapy, immunosuppressive treatment, biotherapy and/or immunosuppressive dose corticotherapy)
  • Uncontrolled or CD4 HIV infection < 200/mm3
  • Consecutive to a solid organ or hematopoietic stem cell transplant
  • Linked to malignant hemopathy being treated.

This is also the case if you are severely immunocompromised because you are in one of the following situations:

  • Receiving a transplant of hematopoietic organ or stem cells
  • Under lymphocytic chemotherapy
  • Be treated with strong immunosuppressive drugs, such as antimetabolites (cellcept, myfortic, mycophenolate mofetil, imurel, azathioprine) and AntiCD20 (rituximab: Mabthera, Rixathon, Truxima)
  • On a case-by-case basis, if you are under immunosuppressants of another class or have a primitive acquired immune deficiency
  • Be chronic dialysis, after your GP has given advice on the need for appropriate examinations

  FYI : as part of the work, masks are distributed to health and medical-social professionals. For example, a family-friendly person or a home-based employee working with an elderly or disabled person may have free masks at the pharmacy.