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What is My Health Space (Shared Medical Record)?

Verified 08 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

My health space is a new digital public service to manage your health data.

It allows you to store your medical information and share it with healthcare professionals who care for you with your consent.

You can find the contents of your shared medical record (DMP).

The service also includes secure messaging for confidential communication with healthcare professionals.

You receive information from your health insurance organization by e-mail or post.

This letter brings to your attention the following points:

  • Provision of a digital health space called My health space
  • Instructions for use of My health space and how it relates to the shared medical record (DMP)
  • Possibility to oppose the opening of this space
  • Steps to close this space

In the absence of opposition on your part, My health space is automatically opened 6 weeks after the mail is sent.

You can then:

  • Fill in your medical profit
  • Receiving documents from your healthcare professionals
  • Add your important health documents yourself so you don't lose them.

You can choose to close your account at any time, even after the expiration of the 6-week deadline and its automatic creation.

You can object to the creation of My health space within 6 weeks from the sending of the email or the mail. You may at any time reconsider your decision and request the creation of My health space, even after the 6-week period has expired and is automatically created.

To enable or oppose the opening of My health space, you must go to the site.

My health space


if your space was opened when you were a minor, you will be informed when you are 18 that your space remains open unless you object. If your space has not been opened before your 18th birthday, you will be informed by your majority of the automatic opening of your space. However, you can oppose it.

To enable or oppose My health space, you must have the following information:

  • Provisional code received by email or post and sent by the Health Insurance
  • Social security number
  • Serial number of your vital card.

My health space includes:

  • A medical benefit that you fill in to describe your health situation (current treatments, last interventions and medical history...).
    This profit is useful in case of follow-up of a care path, when taken care of by a new practitioner or even in case of emergency.
  • Documents in your shared medical record that you add by yourself or sent by a health care practitioner or institution
  • Your administrative data (names, social security number, refund history...)
  • Secure health messaging to receive messages and documents with healthcare professionals and facilities. Medical confidentiality shall be respected.
  • A catalog of services dedicated to health. These may include websites and apps that offer you medical appointments, daily measurements of your blood pressure or weight, monitoring of your chronic disease, or access to health facility patient portals.

Example :

Websites and apps that offer you:

  • Making medical appointments
  • Daily measurements of your blood pressure or weight
  • Monitoring your chronic disease
  • Access to patient health facility portals
  • Finding a health care practitioner for home care
  • Personalized recommendations for vaccines
  • Helps to integrate your treatments into daily life

Please note

My health space will soon include other useful digital services to take care of one's health. He is progressively enriched.

You can set the rules for privacy and access to your health information.

You can block:

  • Access to health professionals
  • Hide documents of your choice (making them invisible to professionals who view these health documents through the shared medical record).

Details of how to block healthcare professionals and hide documents can be found in the Personal Data Protection Policy on the website

Any access permissions you give can be changed at any time.

The Shared Health Record (DMP) is a secure storage space for your health data.

It allows you to store and share health documents with the professionals of your choice.

Healthcare professionals and facilities can populate and view their patients’ DMP.

Example :

A healthcare professional should include the following in the DMP:

  • Medical biology test report
  • Medical synthesis component performed by the treating physician at least once a year
  • Discharge documents
  • Prescription of health products


DMP does not replace medical record what a professional holds for his patient locally.

It centralizes all your medical data so that you can systematically access your important documents and take control of your health.

Who can consult your DMP?

You and the professionals to whom you have authorized access and members of your care team can access your DMP.

In addition, digital health services and tools referenced in My health space that you have specifically authorized will also be able to access it.

In case of emergency, the healthcare professionals and the regulatory doctor of the Samu Center 15 can access your DMP, unless you object.

Please note

A minor may request that certain data not be accessible to his or her parents. For this purpose, it is addressed to the professional or to the healthcare establishment that supplies its DMP.

If you have a DMP created before January 2022

It is integrated with My health space which is automatically created, unless you object.

Indeed, you receive from the Health Insurance an email or a letter informing you of its opening.

So you automatically find your data.

You can object to the automatic creation of My health space within 6 weeks of sending the email or post.

The supply, consultation and use of the DMP are carried out under the same conditions as before (e.g. only authorized professionals can provide and consult data).

At the end of 2022, a new letter or email was sent to you to confirm or not your opposition to the creation of your My health space.

In case of a new objection, your DMP is automatically closed.

The first time you log in, you must use a PIN from Health Insurance.

If you have lost this code, you can simply request a new one online directly at monespace This process only lasts a few minutes and requires you to have your vital card.

This first connection is an opportunity to verify your identity to ensure the confidentiality of your health data. You can then choose the username and password of your choice.

You can decide to close your My health space at any time.

Répondez aux questions successives et les réponses s’afficheront automatiquement

By phone or via a platform (deaf and hard of hearing)

Who shall I contact

If you have requested the closing of your space, you can at any time request a new creation.

Archived data is uploaded to your new space.

Who can help me?

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