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How do I know if I have a PV after a radar flash?

Verified 27 January 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You saw a radar flash on the road and you wonder if it's about your vehicle?

If your vehicle has been flashed, you will receive a notice of contravention.

The deadline to receive notice of contravention varies depending on the type of radar (fixed radar, mobile, red light...)

There is multiple stepss from the radar flash to the receipt of the notice of contravention.

Crédits : Antai /www.antai.gouv.frRadar control: how does it work?

Steps from the radar flash to the sending of the fine to the vehicle owner or lessee and the possibilities of payment or challenge

If you're sure you've been flashed and you don't get a Notice of Contravention, verify address indicated on your registration certificate (new name of the carte grise).

If the address is not up to date, deadline of receipt of notice of contravention extended.

You may also receive a notice of increased penalty without receiving the original notice of contravention.

In case of difficulties, ask theANTAI: titleContent.


it mandatory of have the address changed on your carte grise in 1 month deadline following the change of address. Failure to comply with this obligation is punishable by fines up to €750.

There is no fixed deadline to receive a notice of violation.

However, a contravention is after one year. This means that you can no longer be prosecuted and will not have to pay a fine.

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