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Leisure stays for children and teenagers

Verified 19 March 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Recreational stays (colonies, holiday centers) must be constituted as a collective accommodation with accommodation. To be authorized, the structure must meet certain criteria related to its operation. The cost of a stay varies depending on the type of organization you are talking to.

A group accommodation facility with accommodation is able to accommodate children and teenagers night and day.

This structure is commonly called summer camp or holiday center.. If the accommodation lasts less than 5 nights, we are talking about short stays or mini-camps..

A collective accommodation with accommodation must be declared in the prefecture. It must comply with supervisory obligations and standards for the conformity of premises.

In addition, it must be the subject of an educational and educational project ensuring the physical, moral and psychological security of minors. This project must be communicated to the parents, by all means, before their child's stay.


the scout camps are subject to more flexible rules.


The supervising staff is composed of salaried or volunteer persons aged at least 17 years.

These persons are most often holders:

  • a certificate of fitness (e.g. Bafa or BAFD,
  • or a qualification certified by their status as public official in animation.

The number of supervisors depends on the age of the children:

  • if they are under 6 years old, 1 animator for 8 children,
  • if they are 6 years old or older, 1 animator for 12 children.

In addition, the head of the structure must be assisted by a deputy when the number of children and adolescents received exceeds 100.


facilities offering specific stays (sports, language or cultural courses) benefit from more flexible provisions, but they are prohibited from accommodating children under 6 years of age.

Premises compliance

The premises used shall comply with standards for establishments receiving public (ERP)..

In addition, the premises must comply with hygiene standards, particularly as regards catering.

Children and teenagers must have an individual bed, enjoying minimal privacy (decent distance between the beds) and a good comfort.

Facilitators must sleep in places close to groups of children or teenagers to ensure their safety.

Monitoring and sanctions

Inspections are carried out in real-life situations and unexpectedly (without warning) to verify that the accommodation structure complies with the operating rules.

In the event of non-compliance, and regardless of the criminal sanctions that may be imposed by the judge, the State may refuse to open or order the closure of the premises.

Persons (including parents) with knowledge of regulatory violations or child endangerment should notify the youth and sports branch inspection.

Who shall I contact

In order to give your child a stay with accommodation, it is necessary to question his works council, an approved youth association or his town hall.

Who shall I contact

The cost of a stay varies depending on which organization you are speaking to. Reductions may be made depending on household income or by the works council.

The sums due to the organizing structure may be covered, in whole or in part, by holiday vouchers, Caf aides or relatives..