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When a child is born, parents must complete certain formalities. Thereafter, it is still possible to establish or contest a relationship by appealing to a notary or by referring the matter to the judge.

The 7 essential steps at birth

The 7 essential steps at birth - plus de détails dans le texte suivant l’infographie
Crédits: Direction de l'information légale et administrativeInfographie - The 7 essential steps at birth

1/ Civil status (mandatory)

Declare Birth

・ Within 5 business days

・ In the hospital, at the town hall

・ Who does it? The father or another person

・ Documents to be provided: Medical or midwife attestation, parental identification cards

2/ Social security

Declare the birth and update the Vitale card. Possible (and recommended) to request the attachment of the child to the 2 parents' vital cards

・ Upon leaving maternity

・ On the website, or by telephone (at 3646) or by mail (from your primary health insurance fund)

・ Who does it? Parents

・ Documents to be provided: Nothing

3/ Caf

Declare Birth

・ From birth

・ On the website. If no Caf account, send by mail the change of situation form (available on

・ Who does it? One of the two parents

・ Documents to be provided: Nothing

If you are covered by the agricultural plan, the procedure is to be done with the MSA.

4/ Health Complementary

Report Birth

・ From birth

・ To the mutual

・ Who does it? Each parent if the mutuals are different

・ Documents to be provided: Mutual variable

5/ Birth Leave

Request a birth leave. It is a minimum of 3 days (except Sundays and public holidays). These days are paid.

・ At a date near birth

・ To the 2nd parent's employer

・ Who does it? 2nd Parent

・ Documents to be provided: Copy of the child's birth certificate

6/ Paternity leave

Request paternity and foster care leave.

・ 25 calendar days to be taken in 1 or more times within 6 months of birth (11 days to be taken within 4 months if it occurred before July 1, 2021). Minimum of 4 days following birth leave.

・ Application 1 month before the date of delivery or 1 month before the beginning of the leave, depending on the date of departure

・ With the employer of the 2nd parent, and, for leave compensation, with Social Security

・ Who does it? 2nd Parent

・ Documents to be provided: For mail to Social Security: copy of the child's birth certificate (or family record) + document justifying the link with the mother (if leave is not requested by the father)

7/ Taxes

Report birth, to adjust the withholding tax rate to the number of dependants

・ After birth (within 60 days)

・ On the site

・ Who does it? One or both, depending on the situation

・ Documents to be provided: Nothing