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Driver's licence: View Points and Statements (Telepoints)

Ministry of the Interior

The online service Telepoints view number of points that you have on your driver's licence.

  Warning : there is a time lag between the time the traffic violation is committed and the time that Telepoints records the loss of points. Similarly, there is a time lag between when points are reassigned and when Telepoints records the addition of points.

You can also view information on the validity and categories of your driving licence (restricted information).

You can access the online service with FranceConnect.

You can also access it with your NEPH file number and Telephoto PIN.

If necessary, the online service allows get your SMS Telephoto PIN.

The NEPH file number is indicated on the driving licence and on your full disclosure statement.

The Telephoto PIN shall be indicated on the letter accompanying the driving licence in a secure format"credit card"or on a letter advising you of a point withdrawal (48N, 48M, 48SI). The Telephoto PIN is also indicated on your full information statement.

Verified 16 mars 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)