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MSA space - online declarations for farmers (online service)

Central Fund of the Agricultural Social Mutual (MSA)

Access to the private space of the MSA site enabling the farmer to carry out the following online steps:

  • Professional Income Tax Return (DRP), which is the basis for calculating contributions (online reporting required from professional income)
  • Monthly Remittance Return (BVM)
  • Pre-Employment Declaration (EPAA) allowing the declaration of employees of the holding
  • Quarterly Salary Return (DS)
  • Print Salary Reports
  • Payment of social contributions
  • Request for certificates
  • Consultation of the Individual Status Report (SIR), providing access to the Career Summary for pension entitlements

After prior free registration, a temporary access code will then be sent by mail, to be personalised on the first connection.

Verified 16 mars 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)