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Request a Used Vehicle Administrative Status Certificate (HistoVec) (Online Service)

Ministry of the Interior

The HistoVec website allows the seller to share the history of the vehicle with an interested buyer. The report will mention the vehicle milestones recorded in the national vehicle registration system (VRS) register:

  • Date of its 1re putting into circulation
  • Successive changes of ownership
  • Disasters which have given rise to a repair procedure controlled by a motor vehicle expert
  • Administrative status of the vehicle (pledge, opposition, theft)
  • Dates and results of roadworthiness tests, mileage history
  • Technical characteristics (make, color, cylinder capacity, CV power, engine speed, noise level, pollution criterion...).

Carte grise The owner connects to HistoVec using the registration plate number of the vehicle concerned, his personal data and information on the

It then generates the HistoVec report and shares it with the prospective buyer.

The Certificate of Administrative Status (commonly referred to as non-pledge certificate), enriched with the history of the vehicle, is accessible via Histovec.

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Verified 22 February 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)