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Where is it forbidden to install a flow of alcoholic beverages?

Verified 16 août 2018 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of the Interior

The opening of a flow of alcoholic beverages to be consumed on site (licenses III and IV) must comply with a number of conditions.

An on-site flow of alcoholic beverages (licenses III and IV) may not be opened:

  • the number of drinks allowed in the municipality (i.e. 1 per 450 inhabitants) is reached or exceeded (except in the case of transfers);
  • if the area is protected by prefectural order.

The surrounding areas of health and retirement institutions, physical and sports facilities (stadium, swimming pool, sports field) and businesses with more than 1,000 employees are protected.

The prefect may, if necessary, prohibit the installation of beverages near a place of worship, such as a cemetery, school, barracks or prison.

The prefectural order determines the extent of the protection zone and the distance of prohibition.

However, a drink flow already installed in a place, which later became a protected zone, is not affected and may remain open.

However, it is possible to open a flow of alcoholic beverages in a prohibited place:

  • on temporary authorization from the mayor for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in groups 2 and 3 for a maximum of 48 hours and only for sports associations (10 authorizations per year each), organizers of an agricultural event (2 authorizations per year and per municipality) or tourism (4 per year);
  • with the agreement of the ministers responsible for health and tourism for the sale to consume on site or to take drinks from groups 2 to 5 to tourist hotels and restaurants with sports facilities.

An operator who fails to comply with these prohibitions shall be liable to €3,750 fine and closure of the establishment.

  Warning : distribution of alcoholic beverages by a vending machine is prohibited.