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Which businesses are allowed to sell tobacco?

Verified 16 août 2018 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister), Ministry of Finance

The resale of tobacco may be authorized as an additional service for certain categories of traders.

Even though the retail sale of manufactured tobacco is a monopoly of tobacco flows, the resale of tobacco is authorized as a complementary service for the following businesses:

  • the drink rates to be consumed on the spot under license III or IV;
  • restaurants holding a "restaurant license";
  • service stations on the motorway network or on the expressway or express (in Corsica all service stations are authorized);
  • military, prison or receiving persons whose freedom of movement is restricted.

The reseller must determine the amount of tobacco to which it must exclusively source, and the manager must supply the quantities of tobacco it requires, up to a maximum of 20 kg per month.

The reseller is subject to the following obligations:

  • keep a resale book to be presented at each supply (limited to 20 kg per month, except in exceptional cases);
  • establish a selling price at least equal to the approved selling price;
  • offer manufactured tobacco from at least 3 different manufacturers of its choice (exclusive contracts with a manufacturer or supplier are prohibited);
  • do not display tobacco in the establishment in full view of customers, users and staff;
  • do not sell tobacco in a vending machine;
  • do not change the composition or presentation of the manufactured tobacco sold.

No later than 15 days before the start of the resale activity, must be carried out:

The reseller may, however, purchase from another debit only if the nearest debit manager has given up or during the annual closing of the connecting debit.

In case of renunciation of supply, the nearest tobacco flow manager must submit a specific declaration cerfa n°15350*02 to the reseller who must retain the information and transmit a copy to the local customs and indirect duty department to which he or she reports.

The tobacco feeder who does not distribute cigars may authorize the dealer establishment attached to the dealer to purchase from another tobacco feeder. He must give the reseller a cerfa authorization no. 15351*02..

  Warning : the reseller is only authorized to sell tobacco to the customers and users of its establishment, as a service complementary to the principal activity of that establishment, and to its staff.