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Declaration of activity of a craftsman

Verified 18 août 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To be a craftsman, you must meet certain conditions. You can practice your craft activity either in the form of a individual enterprise, ISIS EIRL, EURL, (including with the status of micro-entrepreneur), or in the form of a company (SARL, SAS, SA, etc.). You must register in the Business Register (RM). If your profession is regulated, you must provide proof (diploma, qualification) of your skills in the trade you wish to practice.

For a Frenchman

You can have the quality of craftsman if you practice a craft or craft craft.

You must be able to justify your competence in this profession by a diploma, training or by experience:

  Please note : your spouse or partner of Pacs automatically gets the status of employed spouse if he or she is a regular employee of your company.

For a national of a European Economic Area

If you are from a country of European Economic Area (EEA), you must meet one of the following 2 conditions:

  • Have a diploma, certificate or certificate preparing to practice a craft
  • Have worked for at least 3 years as a self-employed person

  Please note : any diploma or written attestation in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified translation into french by a translator sworn..

For a foreigner from another country

If you want to work in France for more than 3 months, you must have a temporary residence permit (employee)..

This card must allow you to have a business activity.

It replaces the identity card of trader or foreign craftsman..

  Warning : if you wish to declare yourself a self-employed person, you must microentrepreneur declaration..


Registration at RM (or in the register of companies in Alsace-Moselle) is obligatory to work as a self-employed person.

The registration requirement in RM applies regardless of your legal status (company or company).

You must meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Exercise craft activity production, processing, repair or provision of services
  • Employ up to 10 employees (apprentices are not counted)

You can consult online the list of crafts and the list of craft trades.

  Please note : if you choose to incorporate, such as a cooperatives (SARL or SA), you must also register at RCS..

Registration formalities

You must provide multiple supporting documents to apply for registration.

You must register with your CMA at the latest 1 month before the start of the activity.. Exceptions in the event of the time limit being exceeded shall be accepted subject to conditions. A waiver is accepted if you request it by post with acknowledgement of receipt from the management of your CMA..

The application for registration is made online, by mail or on the spot. Its cost varies between €60 and €90 according to the chosen legal status.


Business Window: single window for business creation

Business Window Service

By mail or on site

Individual company

Statement of Business Creation - Individual (P0 CMB)

Cerfa n° 11676*10 - Ministry of Economy
Other number : PO CMB / P0 CMB

  • Cerfa n°11771*04

  • Cerfa n°14077*02

Who shall I contact


Declaration of formation of a SARL (M0)

Cerfa n° 11680*06 - Ministry of Economy
Other number : MO SARL

Allows you to declare the creation of a limited liability company (SARL, SELARL, including single partner - EURL), except agricultural activity.

  • Cerfa n°11772*03

  • Cerfa n°14077*02

Who shall I contact

Other company or legal entity

Declaration of establishment of a company or other legal person (M0)

Cerfa n° 13959*07 - Ministry of Economy
Other number : M0 - MO

Allows you to declare the constitution of a SAS, SA, SNC, SELAFA, SELAS, Sponsorship or foreign trading company.

Cannot be used for the formation of a SARL, SELARL, civil society, society having a main agricultural activity, GIE/GEIE.

Who shall I contact

  Warning : if you wish to declare yourself a self-employed artisan, you must take a particular approach: the microentrepreneur declaration..

While your file is being processed by the CMA, you can request a document marked pending registration..

If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application within 15 days, it means that your application file is accepted.

If no response is received within 2 months of receipt of your complete file by the CMA, your registration is considered granted.

The registrations are displayed in your CMA for 30 days.

Change of situation

You must declare CMA all situation change within 1 month.

Your business remains registered at RM for 3 years in the following cases:

General case

Your company has more than 10 employees and less than 250.

Background recovery

Your company has more than 10 employees and less than 100.

  Please note : if you are planning to work as a craftsman with trips (e.g. on fairgrounds), or if you work outside your commune, specific conditions apply depending on the type of your activity..

Once you have registered, your CMA communicates Siren number..

This number is the identifier of your company that proves its existence.

You must mention this in all your procedures (quotes, invoices, request for D1 extract, etc.).

Theextract D1 is a document that proves the legal existence of your company. It summarizes the numbers that identify your activity: Siren, Siret and EPA code..

It includes a description of your business, the date you started it, your address and the address of your company's head office, your contact information as an officer.

You may need it to present it to customers who want official proof of your professional activity, to open a professional bank account or to purchase equipment.

You must request this document from the CMA where you have made your registration.

It is valid 3 months.. After 3 months, you must make a new request for D1 extract.

The request for this document is made exclusively online, free of charge, on the site of your CMA.. For this, prepare your Siren number..

D1 extract request online: registration extract of a craftsman in the trade register (RM)

Chamber of Crafts and Crafts (CMA)

  Please note : the D2 extract proves the cancelation of your craft business. It can also be obtained from the CMA where you have declared your termination.

Installation Preparation Course (SPI) is now optional.. You can do this if you wish, at your request to your CMA..

You must first register your business at RM..

It is organized by CMA you depend on.

The course lasts about 30 hours over 4 or 5 days. You receive a certificate at the end of the internship.

Topics covered include:

  • Handicraft and its environment
  • Business management (market research, invoicing)
  • Legal structure (responsibility of the entrepreneur, legal statutes)
  • Tax system (VAT, tax system)
  • Social status (status of self-employed - TNS, employed spouse, social protection)
  • Enterprise management (financial studies, income statement)

The cost of the internship is about €194..

You can also ask your CMA financial assistance. Some CMAs organize the internship remotely, online.

Who shall I contact

You must pay the tax CMA if you are a craftsman registered in the trades directory (RM). You must be the head of your company or the head of your craft company.

The CMA tax consists of a fixed tax and an additional tax.

You pay the additional tax only if you already pay the business property assessment (EFC)..

The calculating this CMA tax changes every year.

In case of temporary cessation of activities, your registration at RM can be maintained for a maximum period of 1 year.. To do so, you must report this temporary cessation to your CMA..

In the case of parental leave, this period shall be renewable for 3 years..