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Is energy performance diagnostics mandatory for ERP? 

Verified 23 octobre 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Covid 19: health measures in LES

The decree n°2020-1310 of 29 october 2020 set list of establishments suitable for the public and the health protocol to be applied.

Depending on the local circumstances, the prefect of the department may adapt it. It can limit the number of clients that can be accommodated and prohibit the opening of markets, parks, gardens, beaches, water bodies and lakes in breach of sanitary protocol. It may make the wearing of the mask compulsory for persons over 11 years of age.

Yes, on energy performance diagnosis must be carried out in certain establishments receiving public (ERP). It provides information on the energy performance of a building by estimating its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission rate.

This obligation concerns the LES 1st to 4th category over 250 m²..

Attention, the following buildings not concerned by this obligation:

  • Provisional structures intended for a period of use of less than 2 years
  • Buildings independent of floor surface less than 50 m²
  • Historical monuments
  • Buildings used as places of worship
  • Buildings not heated or for which the only stationary heating equipment is open fireplaces, and which do not have space cooling

Based on a scale from A to G, the EPD refers to the classification of the building for primary energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It shall include the following:

  • Relevant building characteristics
  • Description of its equipment (heating, hot water, ventilation, etc.)
  • Assessment of the annual amount of energy consumed or estimated for each category of equipment
  • Assessment of the annual expenditure resulting from such consumption
  • Assessment of annual greenhouse gas emission
  • Quantity of renewable energy produced by equipment
  • Recommendations for improving energy performance, accompanied by an assessment of their cost and efficiency
  • Classification of the building according to its energy consumption
  • Classification of the building according to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions

The Energy Performance Diagnostic (EPD) shall be displayed throughout its 10-year validity period. The display must be visible to the public, close to the main entrance or reception point.