Redemption of contribution quarters: what scale for 2023?

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Want to buy back years of study? Looking to buy back missing quarters for a full rate retirement? The National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV) has published the 2023 redemption price for basic pension contribution quarters. This redemption is possible up to the age of 66 for employees who do not have all their quarters, under certain conditions. The redemption price takes into account the age and salary of the insured.

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Insured persons under the general social security scheme aged 20 to 66 inclusive who wish to increase the duration of insurance for retirement may redeem periods of contributions, corresponding to higher education years or incomplete contribution years (less than 4 quarters). It is also possible for certain apprenticeship periods, for childminders who have worked between 1er january 1975 and december 31, 1990 or for the children of harkis.

It is possible to buy back a maximum of 12 quarters. The cost of the quarters depends on the applicant's annual salary or income, age, and the option chosen (insurance rate and duration or rate alone). The National Pension Insurance Fund has updated this scale for the year 2023 in a circular published on 21 december 2022.

Two types of redemption are possible:

  • the rate of calculation of the retirement pension (which reduces or cancels the discount); or
  • or in respect of the rate and duration of insurance used for the calculation of retirement. These quarters cost more to buy back.

The cost of the quarter buy-back depends on:

  • your age;
  • the type of redemption (rate alone or rate + duration of insurance);
  • professional income subject to contributions from your last 12 months of activity.

You can consult the scale for applications filed in 2023.


You can perform a simulate your quarter buyback cost on the Pension Insurance website from your personal area. If you wish to apply for a buyback, download the proposed application form and send it to the address indicated.

Please note

The working income brackets are fixed according to the annual Social Security ceiling (Pass) in force on 1er January of the year in which the insured submits his or her redemption application. The annual ceiling for Social Security for 2023 is set at €43,992.