Safety in transport

The “My Security” app, which allows you to chat with a policeman or gendarme, is getting richer

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The application

My safety

with a chat function that allows you to contact a gendarme or a policeman at all times, launched by the Ministry of Interior in March 2022, has just been enriched with new options to better accompany public transport users. It also gives the contact details of the security services close to the place indicated, as well as the steps to follow in case of need of assistance (violation, reporting, information, etc.). The app also pays special attention to domestic violence.

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Available since March 2022 for tablets and smartphones, downloadable on Android or iOS platforms, the app

My safety

allows you to chat with a gendarme or a police officer 24/7. The 17th's call was until then the primary means of reaching law enforcement in an emergency.

This application launched by the Ministry of the Interior also directs its users to the following information or services:

  • pre-complaint and online reporting;
  • e-government platforms;
  • emergency numbers;
  • security news and notifications based on the location selected by the user;
  • safety and prevention advice;
  • mapping of reception points, police stations and gendarmerie brigades close to the indicated location (no geolocation), as well as their contact details and opening hours;
  • deal point reporting platform.

The application permanently displays, always at the bottom of the scrollable screen, four basic functions:

  • finding my local unit;
  • chat with a gendarme or police officer;
  • domestic violence;
  • emergency call - 17.

Notifications can also be sent on selected topics, such as road accident reporting or information for burglary prevention, if this feature is enabled.

The legal framework for this application, including the nature and duration of storage of the recorded data and the persons who have access to it, is defined by Decree No. 2022-337 of 10 March 2022.

Preventing theft and violence on public transport

On the occasion of Public Transport Day on September 20, 2022, the mobile application “My Safety” was enhanced with new options to prevent theft and violence on public transport.

The advice category "Road Safety" is changed to "Transport and Mobility" to include other means of transport such as train, boat and airplane.

The tool includes new tip sheets on:

  • safety in school transport;
  • preventing sexual and gender-based violence on public transport;
  • railway risks.

In addition, users of the app will receive weekly or bi-weekly safety tip notifications of all types.

The section "Need for assistance" is also updated to inform users of the existence of the SNCF Rail Security alert service 3117, permanently available, by telephone at 3117 or by SMS at 31 177. This service is available to train or subway users who are victims of or report a situation that poses a risk to their safety or that of other travelers: sexual and gender-based violence, suspicious objects, violence or threats, theft, or any other fact that needs to be reported. It allows victims and witnesses to be referred to the most appropriate care in relation to the police or gendarmerie forces or the transport operator's security teams.

Please note

in 2021, police and gendarmerie services recorded nearly 122,170 victims of theft and violence on public transport, a 4% increase from 2020. Therefore, improving the safety of public transport users is a priority for the services of the Ministry of Interior.