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Rugby World Cup: Facilitating travel between Ireland and France by train and ferry

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Low fares and a simplification of the simultaneous booking of train and ferry tickets. Actions have been company at the initiative of the governments of France and Ireland to encourage people to travel between the two countries using more environmentally friendly means of transport than flying. This reorganization of the ferry-train routes was put in place just before the start of the Rugby World Cup on 8 September.

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For the many Irish fans who wish to attend the international rugby competition in France until 28 October, as well as for university exchange students or French people who want to discover Ireland, it has been possible since the beginning of September to book train tickets from the sites of the British Ferries and Irish Ferries. A reference to the websites of railway operators makes it easier to obtain a ticket to reach or leave the cities where the ferries depart and arrive.

This simplification goes hand in hand with reductions in fares for those who use both modes of transport.

Please note

The Ministry of Ecological Transition reports that for the same distance traveled, the ferry emits 1% of the CO2 emitted by an aircraft per ton-kilometer and the train emits 8%.

Buses between stations and ferry terminals

It is also now easier to travel between the train station and the ferry terminal in the French and Irish cities linked by the Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries crossings. Buses and shuttles are available in Ireland to Dublin and Cork, and in France to Cherbourg and Roscoff. In Le Havre, a bus belonging to the network of the Urban Community Le Havre Seine Métropole already provided a frequent link between a stop close to the maritime station and a stop located opposite the SNCF station.

Please note

Brittany Ferries offers crossings between Roscoff and Cork, and between Cherbourg or Le Havre and Rosslare; and Irish Ferries, between Cherbourg and Dublin. Between Roscoff and Cork, for example, the journey takes an average of 14 to 15 hours, and between Cherbourg and Dublin, around 18:30.

A single “train and ferry” ticket in 2024

In 2024, a further step will be taken in encouraging greener means of transport between Ireland and France: the introduction of a single ticket for the entire rail and sea journey between the two countries. This will allow travelers to make a one-time reservation at an attractive rate.