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Colorectal cancer: new information campaign for 50-74 years

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You're between 50 and 74? Are you eligible for the national colorectal cancer screening program and would like to be tested? To order online on the dedicated website, to be taken from your doctor or from a pharmacy participating in the operation: the colorectal cancer screening test is very easily accessible.

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As part of the mobilization against colorectal cancer in March, the National Cancer Institute (INCa) is launching a new information campaign targeting women and men over 50. Broadcast on radio, in print, on the Internet, on pharmacy posters, this campaign reminds us of the benefits of screening for this cancer: detected at an early stage, it heals 9 times out of 10.

People aged 50 to 74 are asked to have a screening test for colorectal cancer once every two years. The test and its analysis are 100% supported by the Health Insurance. The test is done at home and then sent to the laboratory for analysis.

In order to increase the participation rate of the target population in this life-saving screening, access modalities are now very easy.

Since October 2022, if you are eligible for colorectal cancer screening, whether or not you have received the invitation, you have the opportunity to purchase a screening kit at a pharmacy participating in the operation.

Your pharmacist gives you general information about screening and how to use it. He ensures that you meet the age requirements (between 50 and 74 years).

Since March 2022, eligible individuals can also order their test kit online and receive it at home from the site

Access to the test for affected persons remains unchanged when they contact directly:

  • their general practitioner;
  • a gynecologist;
  • a hepato-gastroenterologist;
  • a doctor from a health examination center of the general health insurance scheme (ETUC).

Please note

With 43,300 people affected: 20,100 women and 23,200 men and 17,100 deaths per year, colorectal cancer is the thirde most common cancer in France. It develops slowly, often without any apparent signs or symptoms. It affects both women and men and occurs in 95% of cases after age 50. Early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, through screening, could cure 9 out of 10 cancers.

Just over a third of people aged 50-74 regularly complete the recommended screening test (34.6% in 2021).