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Health Insurance simplifies appointment booking!

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Do you have any questions about the payment of your daily allowances, your maternity or paternity leave, your disability pension, or late payment? Since 1er March 2023, Health Insurance simplifies your steps by allowing you to choose a time slot for an appointment, in the reception point or telephone, directly on your Ameli account.

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Since 1er March 2023, you no longer need to go to your primary health insurance fund (CPAM), nor to call 3646, to have an interview with a health insurance advisor.

Insured persons affiliated to CPAM can now benefit from a new service, via the Ameli mobile application or the website. Simply log in to your Ameli account to choose a time slot that suits you in just a few clicks.

On D-Day, if you have opted for an appointment by phone, a Health Insurance Advisor will call you at the scheduled time, on the phone number provided in your account, to update you on your case and answer your questions. This automatic call is totally free of charge.


Remember to check the contact information that is on your account before making an appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

  • Sign in the Health Insurance Portal with your login and password;
  • Go to section

    My Calendar

    and select

    Make an appointment

  • Select one of the different patterns offered (15 or 30 minutes is indicated depending on the patterns).
  • Choose the type of appointment: in the reception point or telephone;
  • To finish, select the date and time slot.

Once the appointment is made, you have no further steps to take. The counselor's call will be made automatically, or you must go to your center if you have opted for an appointment on site.

Please note

For people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech problems, go to the Elioz Connect website to interact with an advisor and choose the communication method that suits you best.


Learn more about the features of your Ameli personal account.


If you have forgotten your password to access your ameli account, Health Insurance has set up a new, more secure procedure. You can request to reset it online from the friendly account home page. Since 1er march 2023, every time you request a password reset, a link is sent by email to your personal email. You have 30 minutes to click this link and reset your password. This is a more secure procedure, to avoid fraud attempts.