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From 1 Jan. 2023

The most energy-intensive housing can no longer be offered for rent

Publié le null - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The maximum final energy consumption threshold of a dwelling is set at 450 kWh/m2 as of 1er January 2023 for metropolitan France. The energy performance criterion (EPR) for determining whether a dwelling is decent has been amended to this effect by a decree issued in Official Journal January 13, 2021.

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As of 1er january 2023, a home is qualified as energy decent when its energy consumption (heating, lighting, hot water, ventilation, cooling...), estimated by the EPD and expressed as final energy per square meter of living area and per year, is less than 450 kWh/m2 in metropolitan France.

The most energy-intensive dwellings, whose energy consumption exceeds this value, can no longer be offered for rent.

Please note

This measure applies only to new lease agreements entered into on or after 1er January 2023.


In 2025, all G-rated dwellings will be affected by this rental ban. Dwellings rated F will be rated in 2028 and E in 2034.


As of 1er April 2023, an energy audit must be carried out prior to the sale for houses or buildings classified F or G in the energy performance diagnosis.