You can now receive all your vaccines in pharmacies!

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If you are 16 years of age or older and have a prescription, you can now receive your vaccines or vaccine boosters at a pharmacy on presentation of a medical prescription. What vaccines are involved and how?

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Health workers were already empowered to administer the seasonal flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Since November 7, 2022, they have been authorized to administer an additional 14 vaccines and their boosters:

  • diphtheria;
  • tetanus;
  • polio;
  • pertussis;
  • human papillomavirus;
  • invasive pneumococcal disease;
  • hepatitis A and hepatitis B;
  • meningococci of serogroups A, B, C, Y and W;
  • rage.

The objective of this new measure, validated by the National Convention of Pharmacists, is to facilitate access to vaccines and improve vaccination coverage for people 16 years of age and older, according to the current vaccination schedule. It also aims to relieve congestion in medical offices.

Please note

The procedure can only be performed by a pharmacist and must take place in a confidential space.

You must carry a doctor’s prescription, but people who are eligible for flu and COVID-19 vaccinations do not need a prescription.

How to get vaccinated in a pharmacy?

You should check with your pharmacy to find out if they are vaccinating and if an appointment is necessary, as each establishment is free to organize as it suits them. You will need to bring the prescription for the vaccine.

The only requirement for pharmacies is to be trained and to report vaccination activity to the Regional Health Agency.


Vaccination in children under 16 years of age or in immunocompromised persons cannot be carried out in pharmacies.

How much does it cost?

Getting vaccinated in a pharmacy costs €7.50. The purchase of the product is covered by the Health Insurance up to 65% for mandatory vaccines, the rest can be covered by a health supplement. The act of injection should be covered to the extent of 70%, as is the case for seasonal influenza, this provision should be confirmed.


The price of the vaccine in pharmacies is set to rise by €2 in January 2023 to €9.50, as set out in the Social Security 2023 Financing Bill.