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From 27 Dec. 2022 to May 31, 2023

Wood heating: state aid of 50-200 euro

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To cope with the rise in the prices of pellets and firewood, an exceptional aid of €50 to €200 is paid, on resource conditions, to households heating with firewood. This "wood energy" check, which can be requested since December 27, 2022, has just been extended to May 31, 2023. This is what the Minister for the Energy Transition announced, when many French people have not asked for this assistance, which can be allocated to them.

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After the boost given to the more modest households heating with fuel oil, it is now the turn of households heating with wood to benefit from assistance to support them in the face of rising domestic wood prices (+30% in one year). This support complements the government's suite of energy assistance measures for the winter of 2022-23.

The €230 million aid for households heating with wood, adopted by Parliament, is included in the Law of 1er December 2022 of amending finance for 2022.

The decree specifying the procedures for the payment of this aid was published in the Official Journal of 23 December 2022. Initially scheduled until April 30, 2023, the assistance is extended until May 31, 2023, by a decree of March 30, to encourage households that have not yet claimed it to do so.

Who can benefit from this aid?

This exceptional aid is granted, subject to resource conditions, to households which use wood (pellets, pellets, logs, logs or platelets) as their main source of heating.

The criteria for receiving the lumber check are as follows: 

  • have a reference tax income per unit of consumption of less than € 27 500;
  • live in France;
  • not to have received the fuel oil check because the exceptional wood check and the exceptional fuel oil check cannot be combined.

The amount of this “wood energy check” is between €50 and €200 depending on the income and composition of the household and the type of firewood used (granules on the one hand, logs, logs or pads on the other hand).

Fireplaces which heat with wood pellets shall be entitled to:

  • €200 for the smallest households;
  • €100 for households with slightly higher incomes.

Households that heat with logs, logs or platelets are entitled to:

  • €100 for the smallest households;
  • €50 for households with slightly higher incomes.

This “wood energy check” is not sent automatically. It must be requested on the dedicated portal from 27 december 2022 until 31 may 2023, enter your tax number (available on your tax notice or income tax return) and send an invoice for the purchase of wood in your name, less than 18 months old and for a minimum amount of €50 or for households with collective wood heating, a certificate from your trustee if you own, or if you are a tenant, the owner of your dwelling and/or the manager of your dwelling (template available on the application portal).


While 3.4 million people in France (according to the Ademe) use wood for heating, 2.6 million households are affected by this “wood energy check”.

Please note

The closing date for applications for timber checks is extended from 30 April to May 31, 2023.