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Aid for energy consumption

A fuel oil check from 100 to 200 € from November

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In order to support households using fuel oil heating, the exceptional fuel oil energy check from €100 to €200 has been paid since 7 November and can be requested until 30 April 2023 following an announcement by the Minister for the Energy Transition. It complements the government's energy assistance package for winter 2023. return to the arrangements for the payment of this aid.

Extension of the tariff shield in 2023, exceptional energy check... With the onset of winter and the sharp price increases announced on energy, another aid, voted in the framework of the amending budget law for 2022, is put in place this autumn for French people who use a fuel oil boiler: a fuel oil energy check from 100 to 200 €. While 3 million people use this type of heating in France, the scheme covers the smallest households, i.e. 1.6 million households.

  Please note : The closing date for applications for fuel checks has been extended from March 31 to April 30, 2023.

  FYI : The government has introduced financial aid, in particular MaPrimeRénov', to encourage households to replace their oil or gas boilers, considered too polluting, with another heating system (pellet stove, heat pump, etc.). It is possible to know the amount you can claim using the simulator Simulation of aid.

How is the amount of the fuel oil check defined?

This check is sent to households whose annual reference tax income per unit of consumption is strictly less than € 20 000.

Its amount, including VAT, is:

  • € 200 for households with an annual reference tax income per unit of consumption of strictly less than € 10 800;
  • to € 100 for households with an annual reference tax income per unit of consumption of at least € 10 800 and strictly below € 20 000.

  Reminder : A consumption unit (CPU) is the first person in the household. The second person equals 0.5 units, and then each additional person equals 0.3 units.

In fact:

  • a single person receiving the Smic, with at least one child, will receive a check for €200;
  • a single person receiving the Smic, without children, will receive a check for €100;
  • a single person with 2 children earning about 3,000 € net/month will receive a check for 100 €.

  Please note : Find all the information concerning your eligibility for the fuel energy check, as well as assistance in case of non-reception, on the website check An online advisor can also help you by calling 0 805 204 805 (free service open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm). You have to bring your tax number. If it is an oversight, you will receive your check as soon as possible.

How is the fuel oil check paid?

The fuel oil check is paid according to the same circuit as the conventional energy check:

  • for households already receiving the energy check for 2022: if you used your last energy check, you automatically receive the exceptional fuel check for €200 from the end of november;
  • for other eligible households heating with fuel oil but not receiving the energy check: simply go to the on-line counter from the Ministry of Energy Transition to apply for your exceptional fuel oil energy check from 8 November 2022 until 30 April 2023, subject to eligibility.
    You have to send an oil invoice of less than 18 months and the aid is paid the following month. If you have an oil district heating system, you can download this certificate.

  Please note : The aid is not applicable to fuel oil invoices already paid but can be used to pay any type of energy invoice, in addition to fuel oil (gas, electricity, wood pellets, etc.). Households that have already filled their vats with fuel oil will thus not lose the benefit of the aid. The deadline for using the check is written on the back, it can be used for one year.

  Reminder : The fuel oil energy check can be combined with the exceptional energy check from 100 to 200 € scheduled at the end of the year but also with the regular energy check paid annually in the spring.


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