Heating boost

Up to an additional 1,500 euros to replace an oil boiler!

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An additional aid of up to €1 500 is granted to households that replace their oil boiler with a more environmentally friendly heating system (heat pump, solar system, biomass boiler...). Issued by a by-law published in Official Journal on 28 October 2022, this additional premium, called ‘Coup de boost fioul’, is temporary.

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This new financial assistance to encourage households to replace their oil-fired boiler is an increase in the "heating boost" premium granted under the energy savings certificate (EEC) scheme.

All households equipped with an oil boiler are eligible for this aid, the amount of the premium differs according to the replacement system chosen and the household’s level of resources. Low-income households benefit from a higher premium.

Conditions and amount of the additional premium?

To take advantage of this "fuel boost", you need to replace your individual fuel boiler with a more environmentally friendly heating system:

  • heat pump (air/water or hybrid);
  • Combined solar system;
  • biomass boiler (wood or pellets)
  • connection to a heat network supplied mainly by renewable or recovery energies.

The additional aid is €1,000 or €1,500, the amount of the “boost boost bounty” passes:

  • €4,000 to €5,000 for low-income households;
  • between €2,500 and €4,000 for middle and high income households.

For the connection of a detached house to a heat network, the amount of the premium shall be:

  • €700 to €1,000 for low-income households;
  • from €450 to €900 for middle and high income households.

The specifications for the replacement of an oil-fired boiler must have been signed between October 29, 2022, and June 30, 2023, and the work must be completed by December 31, 2023.

The fuel boost bonus can be combined with MaPrimeRenov to replace its oil boiler. The smallest households can thus benefit from aid of up to €16 000 for the replacement of an oil boiler by a pellet boiler or a combined solar system.


Since mid-April 2022, MaPrimeRenovate' has been increased by an additional € 1 000 for the installation of a renewable energy boiler, it can reach € 11 000 for the most efficient boilers (pellet boiler, combined solar system) and for households with modest incomes.

Furthermore, the installation of a gas boiler with very high energy performance will no longer be eligible for MaPrimeRenovate' as of 1er  january 2023 (decree 2022-1451 of november 22, 2022).