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Ecogaz: a new tool to adapt your gas consumption

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In the context of an energy crisis and a winter that could be harsh, situations of tension on the gas network could arise. To guard against this, GRTgaz launched on Thursday 20 October 2022, the new Ecogaz online platform that allows you to receive alerts in case of tension and know when to reduce your consumption.

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According to GRTgaz, Ecogaz is part of a citizen accountability approach and supports the sobriety plan introduced by the government on October 6 to encourage individuals, communities and companies to save energy. The platform was designed with the Green Transition Agency (Ademe) and Terega, the transmission manager of the gas network in the southwest.

How does the Ecogaz platform work?

In order to anticipate the possible voltages of the gas network on a day-to-day basis, 5-day forecasts are made using a color code (each color is associated with a level of consumption) and available on the Ecogaz website. To allow you to adapt your consumption, eco-gestures and warning messages before the launch of load shedding devices or iinterruptability are delivered to you.

Ecogaz informs you daily about the voltage level of the gas network thanks to a color code:

  • green where consumption is reasonable;
  • yellow when consumption is high. In this case, moderation is desired;
  • orange when the power consumption is much higher than normal and/or there are voltages on the network;
  • red where the situation is very tense and load-shedding orders could be sent to the relevant actors (customers consuming more than 5 GWh (5 000 MWh) per year)..

To be notified in case of tension on the network, simply subscribe to Ecogaz alerts by entering your email address (mandatory) and your mobile phone number (optional). When the signal is orange or red, the Ecogaz platform sends you an email or SMS alert if you have registered on the platform to warn you and encourage you to immediately reduce your consumption.

Please note

The color signal is updated once a day. It is based on the consumption forecast for the coming days and on the balance between gas inputs (via pipelines, LNG terminals, storage and biomethane production) and gas outputs on the network.


Off-loading is a significant reduction in gas consumption in less than 2 hours, up to and including complete shutdown. The modalities for the load shedding are described in Decree No. 2022-495 of 7 April 2022 on load shedding of natural gas consumption and amending the Energy Code.

What are the right things to do?

In times of tension, the Ecogaz site offers simple eco-gestures, for example:

  • heat your home to 19°C on average and lower the heating to 16 or 17°C at night and in unoccupied rooms;
  • reduce your hot water consumption by setting the temperature of your water heater to 55°C, turning off the mixer taps in the cold position, taking quick showers and settling flow reducers on the taps and the shower;
  • cover pots and pans to speed cooking;
  • reduce heat loss by closing shutters and curtains at night, settling door bottoms to those facing the outside, or insulating the enclosures from roller shutters;
  • and maintain your heating equipment (purge radiators, maintain your boiler once a year).


A similar device for electricity was designed a few months ago by RTE, called Ecowatt. This tool also aims to alert in case of voltage, but on the electricity network.