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Co-ownership: individualisation of heating and cooling consumption

Verified 01 janvier 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Every building equipped with collective heating or a cold storage unit shall have a facility to determine the heating or cooling consumption of each unit. This obligation shall not be imposed where the installation is technically impossible to implement or where it involves an excessive cost in relation to the expected savings.

Any building with a central heating system or a heat network shall have individual metres.

This obligation also applies to buildings that have a central cold or cold-network facility.

Individual metres should be used to determine the amount of heat or cold provided to each unit, and thus to individualise the cost of collective heating and cold.

If the counter installation is technically impossible or leads to excessive costs in terms of expected energy savings, heating spreads or other methods must be implemented.

The emission of heat by heating slab without possible measurement by housing is a case of technical impossibility.

  Please note : if there is a professional space in the building, it must also have its own counter (or, if not, a dispatcher or other method).

Devices must have been settled by October 25, 2020.

  FYI : where the consumption of heating or cooling is less than 80 kWh/m² per year, there is no obligation to settle equipment for the cost of heating or cooling.

Installation costs are borne by the building's owners.

Condominiums may, under certain conditions, benefit from zero-interest eco-loan.

An estimate of the consumption of the amount of heat, cold and hot water sanitary of the dwelling must be transmitted by the trustee every month to each co-owner.

The obligation to carry out an assessment shall apply to buildings which possess any of the following equipment:

  • Individual thermal energy metres
  • Measuring devices for determining the amount of cold
  • Individual hot water charge devices

The trustee is responsible for the installation of the heating or cooling individualisation device.

In the event of an audit, the trustee shall communicate to the administrative authority which so requests, by letter, the documents necessary to justify compliance with this obligation. In case of technical impossibility or excessive cost, the trustee must be able to justify it by documents.

If the obligation is not complied with, the administrative authority challenge the trustee must comply with the order within a period that it determines.

Without response within 1 month or where the trustee has not complied with the formal notice within the time limit specified, the administrative authority may impose a fine on the trustee. This may be in the amount of €1,500 maximum per year and per dwelling until the building complies.