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Energy Sobriety

What does the Energy Sobriety Plan provide for households?

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The energy efficiency plan was announced by the government on October 6. Its target: a 10% reduction in energy consumption by 2024. It concerns the whole business: the state, companies, communities and the public. inform you about the measures concerning individuals and the aid announced for households in the framework of this energy saving plan.

The program is structured around 15 "flagship measures" to combat waste and better manage energy consumption in all sectors of the economy, public administration and households. For households, they can be accompanied by financial support, in order to encourage citizens to take the right actions, and in a context of significant increases in energy prices.

Up to EUR 9 000 in aid to settle a heat pump

Households living in individual dwellings will be able to benefit from up to €9,000 in support to switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump. The MaPrimeRenov' scheme is also intended to encourage the renovation of heating systems for communal housing buildings.

A sober bonus

To support the implementation of the plan, a major communication campaign for all French people on the theme of “Every gesture counts” starts on October 10 to promote 5 essential eco-gestures:

  • lowering the heating temperature to 19°C in the main rooms and 17°C in the rooms;
  • lower the temperature of its water heater to 55 °C;
  • turn off appliances that are not in use or in standby;
  • shift the use of certain appliances outside peak hours (8 a.m.-1 p.m./6 p.m.-8 p.m.) in order to avoid cuts in the event of peak consumption;
  • equip yourself with programmable thermostats. A premium of up to €65 per household to settle a programmer on an existing boiler is possible through the Energy Savings Certificate (EWC)3 program.

A “sobriety bonus,” already offered by some energy suppliers, should be expanded. Households that reduce their energy consumption will be able to receive a premium on their gas and electricity bills. No amount has yet been reported.

  Please note : an information campaign on the "electricity weather" (EcoWatt signal indicating the level of electricity consumption by color) is planned for the general public, in partnership with the electricity supplier TEN, via audiovisual and radio media.

Carpooling encouraged

Mobility is one of the main axes of the energy sobriety plan. In this context, from 1er January 2023, a financial bonus will be awarded to anyone who registers on a carpooling platform. It will cost around €100. Both daily and long distance journeys are concerned.

Moreover, the use of public transport is recommended, rather than the car; as well as the train, rather than the plane, for business trips of less than 4 hours.

Telework compensation upgraded for public officials

The use of telework is one of the measures encouraged by the government this winter, particularly in the public service.

The Department of Public Service is announcing a 15 per cent increase in telework compensation for public officials. It will increase from €2.50 per day to €2.88 per day, in line with the increase in energy prices announced for early 2023.

Speed limited to 110 km/h on motorway for public officials

Public officials using their service vehicle on non-urgent business journeys will have to limit their speed to 110 km/h instead of 130 km/h on motorways and 100 km/h instead of 110 km/h on fast track. This measure allows a saving of 20% of fuel per trip.


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